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My solution to fix my round column mill

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  • My solution to fix my round column mill

    I finally got around to fixing my round column mill. I started hitting a few auctions and came across a Kerney & Trecker Model H Number 4 universal mill. It is slightly bigger than the Enco ZX-40 that it will replace. It came with two different vertical heads and a shaper attachment. It will be fun getting it in the garage.

    K&T No4

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    Slightly Bigger?

    That's the best fix for a round column mill I've ever seen!!!
    Kansas City area


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      Previously you had a drill press, NOW you have a milling machine, a real one. Get a metal trash can for chips, and be careful with your setups, thats some real power there.
      James Kilroy


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        Originally posted by jkilroy
        Previously you had a drill press,

        Funny that you should mention that, cuz while I was there, I picked up a drill also.

        Cincinnati Bickford 3' x 9" radial drill



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          Some people never learn.

          That drill press is a round column also.

          Just kidding...That looks good.
          Byron Boucher
          Burnet, TX


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            Crap almighty!

            You are tooled up and ready for the apocalypse....have a blast!



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              OH YEAH - and please take photos of the moving process.

              I promised myself that I would photo-document my last move (a much smaller horizontal than yours). The mental stress of moving the thing without help and returning all of the rented equipment on time drove the thought out of my head, LOL.

              Nice score - be sure that there is lots of envy !

              Randy C


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                HOLY Now you have some serious iron, congratulations. You'll need a commercial bin outside to pack the chips. Very nice score. Peter
                The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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                  I've spent a pretty fair amount of quality time with both of those machines. And yours look to be in nice shape. They will demonstrate a whole new level of power.

                  With the KT, if they were using a lot of coolant with it, the bearings in the front of the knee can be corroded. They kind of leak around the controls. It's a small pain to remove the knee cover to replace them. I would need to replace them every 2 years or so. But we ran flood coolant constantly.

                  Make yourself a squaring bar for use in the horizontal mode. You can square up large plates very fast that way. It should handle a 4" face mill with little problem. .200" @10"ipm makes a nice finish cut.

                  When you set the drill up, make yourself a nice table of 1"x3'x4' to bolt on top of the box. I always had trouble with the rotary switch on the head. It needed to be cleaned on a regular basis. And the clutch on the spindle power feed was pretty fussy for adjustment. Don't bottom the spindle out under power feed. You will break gears in the drive train if you do. I always felt it was a bit too fast and a bit too under powered when drills started getting over 1 1/4". Still, it's a generally nice drill for the vast majority of work.

                  All in all, a very nice score. And I'm green with envy!

                  If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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                    i love shapers, how many have you got there, 7?


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                      heh, yeah, I solved that same problem in a very similar fashion-

                      never regretted doing it that way!

                      rusting in Seattle


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                        Originally posted by randyc
                        OH YEAH - and please take photos of the moving process.

                        The mental stress of moving the thing without help and returning all of the rented equipment on time drove the thought out of my head, LOL.
                        I will see what I can do, but I suspect the same time trap you mentioned.



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                          Dalee, thanks for the heads up. I will save that info in a file and reread it before I fire up the tools.

                          Elninio, I am now down to two shapers plus the shaper attachment on the K&T. Good thing, cause I am out of room. I have to quit watchin craigslist and auctions.



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                            I am afraid it is terminal, one of the worst cases of old iron addiction i have seen. lol


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                              All I can say is "Jayyyyyyyyyyzuuuuuuuuuus"
                              Ernie (VE7ERN)

                              May the wind be always at your back