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  • Mill head alignment

    More questions regarding my RF45 mill. I have attempted to align the head/spindle to the table. I used a 1/2 " bar in a drill chuck with a dail gage mounted on about 5" bar( parallel to the table).I put the gear box into high range to assist in spindle turning.I assume using a drill chuck is OK. No slippage is to occur.I got the side to side specs to within about .001". The measurements were consistent.

    As dreaded, the front to back spec was .010".Is this close enough? A tighter spec of 0-001" is more acceptable, but it will be a lot of work to try and shim the column.


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    Yea, it's a real pain,
    BUT you aren't gonna be happy with the steps you get in a milled surface, or the holes that don't line up.

    Take all the time necessary, to get this thing as close as you can.
    First you should indicate the table moving slide and table in and out left and right to check the accuracy of the slides.

    Than swing the indicator around to check tram. Be sure the head and spindle are locked.
    I would shim one way first resnuging the bolts each adjustment.
    Then correct the other way and re check until within .001.

    I would tram and shim at 45 degrees in line with one set of opposite hold down bolts, shimming at the bolts, than tram at 135 degrees in line with the other set.
    Someone sells nice slotted shims, msc?

    I level bridgeports using opposite jack bolts. Set level one way and you can just "rock" the machine to set it the other way. Set the levels in line with opposite jack screws.
    I can do them in a three to one ratio with what the mantainance man can do the "accepted way".

    Take your time and save a lot of aggrivation later


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      I wouldn't say 0.01" is anywhere near close enough. Kap's right -- take all the time necessary to get it as close as you can. You should have to do it only once, and then you'll be able to forget about it. Otherwise, it will aggravate you every time you use the thing.

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