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  • Machinisms out in public.


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    Well, my dad always used to call a spray paint can a "spray bomb". Probably not a good thing to say anymore. Also if you are getting on a plane and see your buddy Jack you shouldn't yell out "HI JACK".

    Asking for a portable cable ferrule swager is guaranteed to produce a blank stare.

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      pgmrdan. I used to go to an Ace Hardware store for off the shelf fasteners, One day I went there first to see if they had some 5mm button head allen screws. I was told there wasn't such animal, because if there was they would have em.
      he then asked what I wanted them for.
      "Well. I'm a rocket scientist............." He's avoided me ever since.LOL


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        The thing that gets me is when I ask someone for a particular part or piece and the first thing they say is "What's it for?" It's almost never for what it was intended for and if I tell them "I'm building a German Equatorial Mount" then they are hopelessly lost for good. What the hell does it matter what it is for?
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          I recall going into a good competent auto parts store for two feet of 1/32 plant fiber gasket material off the roll. The guy gave me a blank stare and came out with "Make and model".

          There's many uses for automotive parts in places where their designers had no intention of use. I made several lapidery thingys from disk brakes and there's been many a fine tool reforged from leaf strings. The single bearing front wheel holds an attraction for me. Surely there has to be a use for a bearing that both supports a load and resists over-turning moments.


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            I learned my lesson at HD. It was a weekend, I needed a v-belt for one of my machines. Assuming they would have an assortment of sizes I asked the first clerk if they had belts. He wasn't sure and asked the department head. The head guy disappears into the back room and comes out with a replacement belt for some cheapo Delta tool they sell. To make matters worse he has this know-it-all grin on his face as he hands me the belt.

            I said no, that's not exactly what I want. "Well you asked for a v-belt, didn't you?", he says sarcasticly. At this point I can see a quick exit is my best strategy.

            I leave and my wife in the background hears the head guy tell the clerk how it takes years of experience to deal with difficult customers.


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                Metric drills are even scarier - lots more!

                Wish I could afford to have them in .1mm steps - maybe if I win the lottery...


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                  reading this thread and the stories of asking for a part to use it for something other than originally intended, made me laugh. i would say 60 or 70% of the time when i ask for some strange part, it is to use it for some "project" i dreamed up. my latest round of blank stares came when gathering pieces for my rotary phase converter. i'd go to pick something up and they'd sure enough ask what it was for. i'd tell them "it's for a rotary phase converter i'm building." that would generally shut them up.

                  andy b.
                  The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                    I have metrics taps and use them a lot, but try to get metric drills. Some place in Florida sells Chinese made ones for $30 for a small set, but they are the same quality as HF.

                    Try to get a metric feeler gage for $2.98 at the local discount hardware store.

                    I went to Canadian tire and needed some Imperial bolts they had them, don't ask for imperial bolts at Lowes. They are basically SAE, but the name Imperial throws people in the states.

                    When you know all of the terms and sizes, you are beyond the average person at the retail level. That makes you dangerous, you know much more than they do, which may endanger their jobs and their mating position in their species.



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                      I have found that if you DO answer what for, they quickly say they don't have anything "for those". Doesn't matter if its the same dang thing.

                      If you really get a goodie, its " we wouldn't have anything like that".

                      I went to a good local hardware store, not a box store, with a gates number to find a V-belt. The original is a pain to get at, and was working but worn, so I wanted a new one to be ready, and didn't want to take out theold one.

                      They couldn't cross it, they had to have the old one!

                      I looked at the guy as if he had two heads, and said, "you know that the old one will be stretched and not the right size, don't you? And what do you do if its broken?"

                      He told me that wouldn't happen........

                      I think its a secret plan to eliminate old stuff. The parts will still be there, but called something else. They will refuse to sell the parts unless you tell them its for whatever mysterious new item uses the part.

                      So you will have to toss the old item and buy a new one.

                      And do it again whenever the parts system changes again.......


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                        On the contrary, sometimes. I went looking for a new primary drive belt for my SB9. It hasn't been changed since I got it 22 years ago, probably the original from 1937. I could still read the number, 5L43. Meaning 5/8ths wide and Length 43 inches. Went to the local auto parts supplier and he looked it up and said, "Yep, got 24 in stock, thats the most common fractional horsepower belt there is." $5.00.

                        Slam, Bam, Thank you Madm
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                          Reminds me of the tv ad , Boy goes into the library asks for some books, lady says those arent available any more, may i have your name?

                          also when asked what's it for? I'm building a thermal nuclear device. at one time people thought it was funny, now people get scared. serves 'em right.



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                            When someone 5yrs and up asks"Whut that fur" tell them Make kitten briches!


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                              True story,
                              I went into Myfords one day to get an oil sight glass for a new MG9 grinder I had bought. Whilst I was there I thought I'd ask if they had a book on it. The stores guy picked a phone up and dialed a ten digit number and the phone rang in the office at the end of the counter, call want something like this:-
                              "Percy do we have a book on the MG9 ?"
                              "No Frank, I know that because I was asked twice last week for one"
                              Frank turned to me, putting the phone down and says "Sorry there's no demand for them"...................

                              John S.

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                              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.