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Anyone familiar with Grizzly and imports--parts availability?

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  • Anyone familiar with Grizzly and imports--parts availability?

    Alright, so it's time to move up from my 7x14 mini-lathe, and I've settled on either the Grizzly 10x22 or the the local Wholesale Tools' 11x26, which for all I can tell is the same as Grizzly's, of the same size.

    Unfortunately I'm using my apartment's garage so, yes, I am limited to 110 power, before anyone mentions that.

    Now, my problem with this, is that I know full well that nothing is unbreakable or free from wear. And even Grizzly doesn't have a 'buy parts' button for the 11x26 like they do for the 10x22.

    So, for anyone familiar, is there a good source, or do some of the parts cross over? It seems they would, from what I've seen, but I've hardly had the opportunity to attack one in person with my calipers.

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    Well... I have exactly one experience with the parts dept. at Grizzly, and it speaks very highly of them. I wanted a couple replacement shelves for a mounting table they sell. I emailed them with the parts list number of the shelf. No one had ever requested one before, hence, they didn't stock it. Rather than say, "too bad " like any other company, they created a SKU for it, ordered one from their supplier and followed through with delivery! To be honest, I was very impressed. Take from that what you will


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      I asked for replacement screws to hold an insert on a boring tool and they sent me a part number and reasonable price. I added to another order and it came. Suprised me. I would expect a cheap boring bar to be "no replacement parts"

      Have made several barrels of chips with a G4003 and haven't needed a single part otherwise.


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        I've had three interactions with the Grizzly parts department, all of them satisfactory (needed parts received within 10-14 days). One involved what I think was a non-stocked part (a fuse-holder) so either they cannibalized another mill, or managed to get one from the supplier to Grizzly to me within two weeks.

        I've seen a Grizzly 11x26 lathe, and had a favorable opinion of it for hobby use or perhaps limited-use manufacturing - about the same as the WHT equivalent (which I haven't seen). There is another 11" import lathe in the same class, the Precision Matthews 11x27 sold by Quality Machine Tools.

        I can't speak to parts interchangeability between those lathes - though by default I wouldn't count on it.

        There is a Yahoo group devoted to 11" lathes:

        and one devoted to PM equipment:


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          I have a Grizzly 11x26 but would probably go with a Precision Matthews if limited to that size now based on their features and a review of sorts by a fella here who just got one of their larger machines.

          At 500+ lbs The Grizzly is not a light lathe per se but it is "light duty" and not what I would characterize as ultra-durable/sturdy.
          I added a DC motor with speed control but you still need to sneak up on DOC, speeds, etc.

          There's been rumor that Grizzly wants to phase it out too. Who knows?

          Matthews has a model that size with power cross feed, larger spindle bore, variable speed, etc.
          NICE features when you've lived without them, but I've not personally seen a Matthews to truly speak to the brand.

          If you're limited by size and price Grizzly is still a good choice.


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            As it is, I'm limited by size and power (apartment garage), price (student), and availability. I actually had the 10x22 on order, but it's backlogged another three months and $300 more for the local one gets the extra capacity and a stand.

            In the future, I won't worry about the parts. Currently, my mini-lathe and lack of a dividing head would prevent me from making anything like gears.

            My fourth-hand information says that a lot of 11x26 parts are often similar, if not the same as, the 10x22 parts. Which would make replacing things like a tailstock barrel (the WT one is 2mt, not 3) easier. I could always ask Grizzly if it cam to that, I guess.
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