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    Can anyone suggest where a good place to get variety packs of screws, nuts, bolts and the like? It seems that it has gotten harder to buy kits of these (like 100 per box) with a good diversity. Boxes of 100+ for stove bolts and machine screws - of different sizes and lengths - US and Metric with all of the various nuts and washers can get expensive fast.



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    I never do that. I go to the local bits and pieces supplier and bug them on a slow day with an order for 20 of these, a box of that and would you special order me some allen head cap screws, 10x32x1 please. When I need a few bolts for a project I go to my local friendly supplier and tell them I need 4 5/16 grade eight one inch bolts with washers and they give them to me, free, write them off as lost. This is a small town and does have some advantages. I did however want some small SS hex buttonhead screws for a project and could only find them out of California for about $1.00 each. Changed my plan.


    Most if not all of the assortments are made of crap metal derived from used toaster ovens. Absolutely not recommended unless you can find one gauranteed to be of quality.
    I use grade eight bolts for EVERYTHING I build. I can't be bothered to save a few cents for grade five of less.

    My dad gave me some carriage bolts once for a project, apparently made of mystery metal that torqued off with only a light stare at the end of the ratchet. GRRrr

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      I have had the best of luck with an industrial supply store called Fastenall. These are EVERYWHERE. They sell little screw, washer, ect. lots for very low price. I would never have a use for 100 of most of the fasteners and such I need, so I do this route, and the fasteners are of good quality and such, low price.

      This is the main part of their "niche" in the market.

      MSC sells assortments as well.....good quality.
      CCBW, MAH


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        I would not suggest you do that either. If you have a form and need that sort of thing contact a bolt house and mkae an order for a bolt bin of what you actually need.

        I only buy what I need for jobs as I live a few blocks from 5 bolt houses. You get teh best prices on full cases and price breaks on full box qty's - but what is the point of getting a break on a price if you only need 5 special bolts? Those odballs will sit gathering dust (money out of your pocket) probably for years and then you get pissed off at them and toss them out - lost money.

        I buy what I need and charge that out to the customer that way the pennies watch the dollars.

        I do keep small amounts of stuff I use on a rugular basis and parts that are hard to come by on short notice like some of my specialty inserts or odd sized steel thread inserts for thread repairs.


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          Rural Farm Supply Outlets like TSC in Kitchener Ontario. They sell a variety of interesting things and Hardware by the Pound. Cheap. Also Spaenaur the Local Fastener Shop. Huge but $10.00 Min. and very expensive. Audrey


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            I was getting killed for time by going to the Local HD/Lowes - and some smaller Hardware stores. Just basic sets of machine screws in Metric and US standars would have saved a lot of time. I kill too much time - that I don't really have - at the HW stores, as well.

            I found some OK collections at HF - for some things.

            I sure appreciate the suggestions - It seems pretty basic - until the 10th+ time you are at HD and really think about the premium prices you are paying for really bad screws. I asked around at work - got blank stares. One visit to Elliot Hardware in Plano improved my life a lot, though.

            -- jr


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                Enco and the like still sell some decent assortments. Hitch pins and similar items from H.F. are OK, but stay away from their roll pins and set screws. Try Mico on Millard in Plano (behind Taco Delite), they have virtually everything I ever need.

                dvideo, I recently moved from Plano, been to Elliot$ many times. I live in Mckinney now.


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                  I keep a pretty good stock of fasteners on hand even though this is just a hobby. I can't be bothered to go into town when I need something.

                  That's just the bigger stuff. I have many more hand picked assortments of SS screws and bolts, cap screws, allen head bolts and other specialty fasteners.

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                    Gee evan, look at all the bombs on the shelf above the nuts and bolts.

                    One guy got his arm blowed nearly off while welding next to a spray can, I don't remember what was in it.

                    Be careful, contained pressurized flammable materiels = bomb. Grinding, welding, (I do it all the time) can set them off. I have this stock of "house of color" paints too.


           has nuts bolts in boxes fair priced and "ups" friendly

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                      Agreeing with Evan, watch out for garbage quality hardware, mostly in blister pacs and Wally mark, Ronny, Canajun Tired type of stores. A friend bought one of those assortment packs, and it was all junk. He was breaking the heads off them one by one, before they ever got tight. Now I wonder if you could track down where they were made---
                      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                        Originally, I had a problem with poor quality screws too. I went back to HD to buy more - and they were all made in China. How is - can - this be cheaper than getting them here????? That is where I started. I figured that I could find US parts in a larger quantity, like 100 (or more) piece box. So you pay more total $$, but still much less than 1 at a time HD or packs to 10 HD parts.

                        THat is were I started sucking wind.

                        I know I can buy "Made in China" parts that are just fine. So the real issue is quality control with HD, Lowes or the like.

                        -- jerry


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                          You will have as hard a time finding Made in USA fasteners as anything else these days.
                          Most boxes of even the quality fasteners have disclaimer "Contents made in one or more of following countries" or similar wording. This followed by a list of about a dozen countries, some you may have never heard of.
                          Alloy socket head cap screws, Grade 5 and Grade 8 cap screws (3 line and 6 line respectively) are manufactured to minimum tensile strength. Anything else is anybody's guess.
                          Stainless steel HHCS are about 60,000 to 70,000 psi tensile strength, which compares to Grade 2 HHCS at 60,000 psi.
                          Grade 5 is 105,000 to 120,000. Grade 8 is 150,000 psi. Alloy SHCS are 170,000 to 180,000 psi.
                          All this from the McMaster Carr catalog.
                          Jim H.


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                            There have been major problems with counterfeit fasteners in the aircraft business. This includes what look like grade eight fasteners but are made from crap. If you need grade eight or better for life critical applications make sure the origin and inspection certs are available.


                            Those "bombs" are at the far end of the shop from the welding gear, well away from any ignition source. What you can't see on the top shelf, not visible, is the cans of black powder. He he he.
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                              Ops! I remember a time I had a lacquer thinner soaked rag on the bench. Just got through "degreasing" a bracket for painting. Thought I'd debur an edge a little more so I touched it to the grinder and WHOMP! Flames everywhere! Or so it seemed. Scared the bajebees out of me. I keep all that stuff in different parts of the shop now.

                              As far as fasteners, I go through so many I buy some by the case, others by the box. Like Evan, I've got a "few" bins for those used once in a while. At last count, I think I'm up to 200. Pain in the A just to keep them stocked. I need one of those hardware guys. Better still, I should become an AUVECO distributor.