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    What we have in all three cases(England,Canada and now here)is a classic case of MMS(Mad Media Syndrome)it mainly causes knee jerk reactions and speculation.

    BSE is like any other form of encephalitis it effects the brain and brain stem,Ibew is right cook those hotdogs real good!

    The muscle tissue is uneffected by the disease and cooking by the normal means(well done)makes it perfectly safe.

    If an animal eats feed made with other animal protein thats perfectly fine so long as it from some other animal than its own kind,dog food is made for the most part from chicken parts(feet and feathers,beaks and brains)but the problem comes when cows are fed back to cows.A very similar disease effects human cannibles who eat the brains of their victims,a well documented occuence in Borneuo

    I love the way the media blows everything out of proportion,this reminds me of the power line scare,some test data from a study of I believe lukiemia cases in Sweden with a possible connection to overhead high voltage lines,what happened was a typo resulted in a sharp rise in one town,well the media got wind of it and so began urban legend.

    Notice also there has been much speculation about the cow,the food source,the market loss,and everything else but education seems they are spreading fear instead of fact.

    Eat meat,enjoy it,just remember to cook it,after all your much more likley to get ecolli than mad cow anyway
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Hi Weird,

      I'm not sure that you are the best source of information on this one. You should know that the particle that is the cause of BSE doesn't care what species you are and it seems to me that infection across species is entirely likely if you consume the "prions" that cause the disease. Also the prions can cause damage for years before the infected animal or person will exhibit symptoms. Just two more points. Cooking will not affect a prion. They can withstand heat over 1100 degrees according to Washington State Dept. of Agriculture. Also it seems that many feed supplements that are intended to increase the growth rate of cattle and the production of milk are produced overseas where our production controls don't come into play. Companies like Grodrej Agrovet who make many products like Bypro don't make it easy to find out what went into it. But they used to be a soap company so rendering carcasses might be in their line.
      Don't worry. Be happy.



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        If you ever work around a hot dog cooker, it is a large vat they mix and pump steam through.

        Yummy what a smell. Paste comes out the bottom. I don't remember the other processes.

        You should see the food factories. I don't want to turn everyone against eating. Just seeing in the kitchens of restaurants makes you want to eat home cooked meals.

        Have I told you about working on the creamtorium at the local hospital. Hmm I slipped and fell up to my knee in this white ash.. somebodys granny? Clean thou. Washed right off.

        I can fix anything, be it gas burner or homebuilt cnc mill.

        I had a steak last night. Yummy


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          I submit for your elightenment:

          Children and prudes should NOT view this

          ****you have been warned****

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            It don't work Dave. They don't like hotlinking to content. Nor do I. I have fun changing the content of someone elses website when they directly link to file on my server. Reminds me, time to check the server logs for hotlinks...
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              Be warned he is really mad.

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                Someone else told me it was a hot link too, but it does not react that way at all to me.

                I am curious as to why it would not.


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                  What browser are you using?
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                    XP pro (only for the games)


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                      I mean the web browser. IE6?
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               be specific


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                          My dog is growing at the rate of +1/4" a day.

                          He eats a pound of dog food a day, gains over a pound a day, how is that possible?



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                            I had to copy and paste the mad cow to get it to open.



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                                The server at the other end looks at the referrer info that you send when you click on a link. If it sees referrer info it then knows that the site or file was linked from some other site. Every time you click on a link the web address of where the link is, is sent to the new server. If the URL is placed in the address bar there is no referrer info so all is fine. Dave, IE6 is probably caching the file so that it doesn't need to download it again from the site. Try deleting all your temp internet files and see what happens.
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