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So does machine mounts work

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  • So does machine mounts work

    I have a old enco 13x40 lathe and have moved and the floor is not level. So I need to raise one end up some, and level it out, So do the machine mounts work and what should I use, I was looking at grizzlys g7159 or g7160 on page 677 they had the best $$$ I hop you guys know Brett

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    I don't know about the ones you are talking about but I have a couple of machines on rubber vibration absorbing mounts as my floor is not level and they do work. The hardest bit is working out how to level the machine (that is, which mount to adjust).



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      Works for me. Lathe, mill and floor drill press are all setting on machine mounts. Don't know what they were thinking when they poured the floor, but my basement has a crazy amount of slope in it for the floor drain.

      What you choose will largely be decided by the size of the bolt/stud holes in your lathe stand.


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        Highpower does it

        Does it get ride of vibration or should I say does it run smooth or is there any ups or don with them Brett


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          I don't think they will eliminate any vibration in the lathe itself, but they will help prevent vibrations from other machines being transmitted through the floor to the lathe. An air compressor running nearby for example. Took me awhile to figure that one out when my lathe was still new and a good looking finish cut would turn wavy all of a sudden.