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Where do you live and how long have you been maching

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  • Where do you live and how long have you been maching

    I am Brett Hurt live in Bakersfield ca been machining since California employment act trained me to be one in 1980 know iam a hobby machinist and love it

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    Live in the Northeast and ran my first lathe in 1957 in trade school.


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      My name is Scott from Ellwood City PA, I'm 35 years old I went through 6 years of machining in school at age 13 when they had a state of the art maching class, got away from it for a few years. In 2004 I bought my first lathe,mill,and bandsaw just for a hobby, Here it is 2011 I have 5 lathes,4 mills,3 shapers,10 drill press's, radial arm drill,surface grinder,5 horizontal bandsaws,6 power hacksaws, brake and drum lathe,horizontal drilling machine,pipe threader and tons of tooling. This doesn't include about 8 woodworking machines. I love to find old machines drag them home listen to the wife asking where are you going to put that one , do a total rebuild on them and use them. So I would guess I have been machining for about 20 years through a few stepping stone jobs to my current job. People say I have a problem but I LOVE IT.


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        I am warren & I live in New Hampshire USA. I have been machining since the late 70's when I took shop classes high school. Currently I am involved in portable line boring for construction & industrial equipment. I have a small machine shop here at home to support the portable business building tools & such.


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          I just moved to Indiana after growing up in NY and traveling around with the Army. I grew up around shops of all kinds but found myself mostly in the automotive ones. Ive known the basics of machine work since a child, but never got into it much until I saw some engine machining while in the Army. I got out after seven years, started buying/seriously using machine tools while in college, earned my bachelor's, and now work for a large OEM as a performance engineer on a special projects team. Lately I find myself enjoying the actual work of machine restoration much more than I do actually cutting metal though.
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            Brooklyn and about 4 months. Bought the teeny grizzly lathe and miller (not combo) and proceeded to start pissing off my neighbors (so effectively in fact that I can't run the miller in my apartment.)

            I've been cruising along on the lathe, with a few projects under my belt in off hours.

            I'm planning on moving to a place where I can run these things freely and not worry about noise so much.

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              California central coast. I got my mill about 16 months ago, lathe about 4 months ago. I don't know anything, but I'm trying to learn.

              I just like to make stuff.


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                Live in Long Beach CA, bought a Mini Lathe back about 6 years ago to make little fittings/bushings/stuff for my racecar and have been upgrading equipment and learning ever since.


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                  Started my apprenticship at Pratt and Whitney Machine Tool in W. Hartford CT in October of 1965. Now I live in S.E. CT and have been making chips in one form or another every work day since then.

                  Been teaching machine tool for at a vo-tech high school for the past 23 years.
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                    I first ran a lathe in the maintenance shop of Evergreen Nursery, Inc. ......when I wasn't sweeping the floor or sorting parts back in the mid '60s. Soon after I was using all the equipment in playing my part of keeping it all going smoothly.
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                      Been machining for 24 years, the first 10 of those for a living. Since then it's been a hobby and occasionally a small part of my work.


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                        Originally posted by duckman
                        Live in the Northeast and ran my first lathe in 1957 in trade school.
                        Well then, you got me beat by 16 years. I started at Worcester Boys Trade High, but in my junior year they changed the name to Worcester Vocational Technical High School.

                        Worcester MA native, but I moved far away (7.5 miles) to Spencer shortly after I got married at 21 in 1980. Still with the same girl, same house, and still playing in machine shops. Mostly, my dad's home shop now though.

                        Errol, thank you for teaching our future machinists! I still visit with 2 of my teachers every other week, one in his mid-nineties. I value my education VERY highly, and have guys like YOU to thank for it.


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                          Vic, SE Wisconsin.

                          My first job after the Air Force in 1969 was in R&D.
                          I had a small machine shop to use for making prototypes.
                          The boys in the tool room were a BIG help getting me started.

                          I'm now retired and slowly setting up at home now.
                          It's fun making most any part I need with my limited machines right now.

                          Most if the work is making my own reloading tools.


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                            Carl Darnell, bought my first lathe about 1961. For most of my working life I have been a mechanic, welder, industrial electrician, machinist, fabricator and a few other things. I have been in business a few times as a truck and trailer repair shop, small engine shop and a machine shop.

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                              Started as an apprentice fitter-turner in Flint, North Wales 1948, got my indentures (ticket) 1953. Got married and we moved to Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada May '54. Joined Barber Machinery in Edmonton AB 1956, Machined for 12 years then went to U of A to get my teaching cert. Taught machine shop until 99. During that time tried to start company building aricraft hanger doors and had some success except operating capital interest of 24% killed that idea. Retired from teaching and moved to Glade BC by Castlegar and have a busy home shop. Just lathe, mill and a Sunnen hone to keep the local Harleys and sleds running. Two brake lathes, one of which I have to use directly when the drums arrive, should be now. Peter
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