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Lempco grinder, help id it

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  • Lempco grinder, help id it

    Well, coming up in an auction is a Lempco surface grinder (as its described in the auction bill). I'm not really sure that's what it is. I'm not real familiar with surface grinders but this one isn't laid out like most I've seen. The 2 big questions are, whats it used for, and do I need it? I didn't have the foresight to take a picture, but it looks similar to this one.

    I would guess it's used for surfacing heads (and that's what I'd like to use it for). Is the head just slowly pushed across the top? Or am I totally off base? If anyone has any info about this type of grinder, it would be appreciated.

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    I can't imagine pushing a cylinder head across that by hand and getting it flat, but here is a link to an outfit selling an instruction manual for it.



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      These were very common in small 1 man automotive machine shops at least into the 70s and I'm sure there are still a few of them in use. Mostly for cylinder head resurfacing but I've seen a flywheel done on one. I watched a guy do cast iron heads, grab hold and slide it back & forth. He used kind of a figure 8 motion but I think that was as much from the drag of the wheel as by design. I think there is a foot operated control or something to control how high the wheel is.