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Cheap source of 9x20 drive belts???

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  • Cheap source of 9x20 drive belts???

    I never figured why they chose to use such an in-substantial drive belt on the 9x20 lathes.

    Mine snapped on an interrupted(250rpm) cut on what will be a new base for the compound.

    I do plan on making new pulleys and using a thicker belt in conjunction with a 3phace motor and a VFD when I move the lathe into my new shop(waiting for the snow to clear so that I can get started on it).

    In the meanwhile I need a source(that exports) for the belts so that I can buy a 10-pack(locally they cost 40$, or thereabouts).

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    This guy:
    on eBay is the only source I know of... and they're very affordable. I've bought from him in the past. All good. He lists "Europe" for shipping. I would expect Norway would be no problem then.


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      Thanks, appreciate it!

      It ordered a few, however it required me to sign up for paypal as the trial option didn't support the notion of a world outside of North America.............

      It would appear not, I just got this reply"We're sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time." when I tried to order.
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        I bought some for a 9x20 lathe I had years ago at E.B. Atmus. I'm sure they still got them.
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          3 brainfarts, one knuckle shaped impression in the wall and a few aaargs later, and the order have been forced through...................


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            These folks are a little cheaper and quick. I just bought a 5M560 for a project I'm working on and they were great to deal with.


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              If you put the part number and description in a Google search along with your location many times you will find somebody closer to home.

              "5M710 BELT NORWAY"


              Dunno if they have an outlet in Norway though.
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                Any Gates distributor can get them in one day.
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                  Yeah, and since Gates has so many types of belt, this one is called "Polyflex" --- and, there are several sizes of IT
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