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7X16 mini lathe

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  • 7X16 mini lathe

    I've been offered one of these:,9615.html for $600.00, looks to be nearly unused. It would be replacing my HF 7X10, which I've been fairly happy with. Main problem with the HF is the lack of room between the TS and the HS, especially if you're drilling a piece that projects from the chuck by any amount.

    The HF would probably bring a couple hundred, so I can take that into account.

    What say you? Go for it, or stay with what I have?


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    Go for it!!

    According to the link it seems to have some better specs, other than the increased capacity.


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      Yes if you get all the attachments and accesories. If you have to buy a 3-jaw, 4-jaw change gears etc what is the point?
      The Microlux lathe have some nice options you will not see in the standard Chinese models. Never seen one in person but I would guess maybe the fit and finish is a little better??
      The extra length is a definite bonus.


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        If you are comfortable with the 7 x 10, have you considered simply enlarging it to make it into a 7 x 14 using the Little Machine Shop 14" Bed Extension Kit?


        It's $150 plus shipping.


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          I had a 7x14. If you are happy with the 7x10 then you will be happier with the larger bed, more powerful motor, and metal gears.
          I was able to buy a 9" model C southbend lathe for 400$ used when I lived in the North East. Choices, choices, choices.


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            I'll see the guy today or tomorrow and make sure what the lathe deal includes. It does have a 3-jaw chuck, and I'm assuming that the 4-jaw for my 7X10 will fit onto the 7X14. I also have the QCTP from LMS that I'd transfer.