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  • How much to press in?

    I am making a cleaning jag for a black powder rifle. The jag is a .375" dia x 2" long brass doodad with a 10x32 thread sticking out one end. I can't cut 32 TPI threads - I lack the change gears. So I intend to press a threaded rod (or length of bolt) into a hole in the jag.

    .3" of thread has to remain exposed. I can drill a hole up to .75" deep. How much of the threaded rod do I need to press into the jag? I don't want this thing to ever come out.

    (Of course I intend to turn smooth the part of the bolt that I'm pressing into the jag.)

    Alternatively, I could just tap the jag and lock-tite the threaded rod into it.

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    I would likey just tap it and lock-tite it.

    Alternatively, Make it longer then initialy needed, Thread it in untill it bottoms out (or hits the end of the taped threads), Grab the exposed end with some vise grips, Crank it in real nice and tight, then cut the threads off you ruined with the vise grips. (maybe with some lock-tite too, If you really want)

    I see a rather serious problem with drilling a precise, tiny hole, then turning a peice to match it with press tight fit accuracy, since drill bits are not accurate at all, and you likey don't have or wish to buy a reamer for this one job.
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      Another vote for Loctite.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        The cleaning jag has a 10-32 stud on it already. Then you say you want to press something into a hole in the jag. Can you explain this in more detail.

        EDIT: ok, after reading this 4 times I understand your MAKING the jag. You would be better off drilling and tapping the jag and screwing a 10-32 screw into the jag with locktite and then cutting it off to the length you want.

        Sorry about the confusion.
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