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    My brother, if you can't quit for yourself, then quit for your wife and kids. Smoking eventually killed my dad. My mother had cancer under her tongue from it, almost died and still doesn't get it. It just is not worth it. Get the gum if you have to - do whatever it takes to stop - you deserve to see your wife and children grow old, to see their children, and their children. Don't throw it away on coffin nails.

    I am still wander in my "floor-about" - verily I hath seen glimpses of snot green carpet out yonder basement door, yet the boxes still clutter and obscureth the floor - gadzooks!

    Hey! Congrats on the Soccer win!


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      I second what Dave (Thrud) said. I lost my grandfather (who I was very close to) to stomach cancer from smoking and chewing tobacco when I was three. I lost my aunt to lung cancer from smoking when I was six. I lost my uncle to brain cancer (spread from the lung cancer that was removed) from smoking when I was twelve. Do what ever it takes to stick around; your kids, grandkids, nephews, and neices will love you for it.

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        Before you start non-smoking, just find yourself a quiet place where you're not disturbed and spend some time reflecting on the fact that a few days of discomfort and depravation are a small price to pay for ridding yourself of that costly, destructive (healthwise) habit. Then every time you feel the craving, reflect back on those thoughts, and renew your dedication. After awhile you'll feel tremendous pride in the achievement and realize just how easy it was.

        When I was quitting I rolled up little notepad sheets in the form of a simulated cigarette and 'puffed' on those and inhaled deeply. That seemed to help. After just a few days I actually enjoyed doing without.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          My dad likewise quit more for the family than himself. He made the decision, and stuck to it. Quit cold turkey, hasn't touched a cancer stick since. I always admired him for that, more so since I have come to realize that it's not an easy thing to do.
          As far as resolutions, I resolve to put in more revolutions. Of the spindle, that is.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            I resolve to get a SOuth Bend lathe.


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                i smoked since i was thirteen- tried a 100 times to stop- then woke up one day and decided that i was not smoke ever again no excuses nothing - wife was still smoking though - moaned and grumbled so much she stopped .
                smoking was the dumbest thing i have ever done .
                if you want to you will, try to turn every craving for a smoke into a victory .

                i am going to fix everything around here that is broken .


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                    Well I must get that garden shed built for my wonderful wife, besides I need the room in MY shop.

                    Never have and never will smoke , anything.


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                      Well, you Guys have gone and done it! I've been contemplating kicking the habit for about 6 months. Damn it all, and after reading your stories of success and of those who suffered from the deleterious effects of tobacco, guess I'm gonna go for the brass ring. Besides, with what I save, I might just have enough money in a few months to get a taper attachment for my Clausing. So wish me success and say a prayer for those that are gonna have to put up with me. I've been thru this before and I must admit that my poor disposition far and away exceeds that of Thrud when he is presented with his sister's meatloaf.

                      John B
                      John B


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                        Hmm, I resolved to get a southbend lathe, I allready did before new years, hehe.
                        Hmm, ok, Im going back on the exercise and diet routine I did before to lose 70lbs.

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                          To get a cutter grinder.

                          Paul G.
                          Paul G.


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                            bspooh -

                            If it helps, I'd been cutting down by smoking ghastly herbal cigarettes for a few months, with maybe one real one before bed.

                            On my bedside table is the last real one I was going to smoke, and that was 5 months back, in September. I just sort of switched into can't be bothered mode. I still don't say I've given up.

                            I guess I didn't feel it was forever, doing it like that. I still get nervous, even typing this, that I might have to have another, just to check I can "not" as it were. Good luck, either way.
                            Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                              Bless every one of you that wants to quit.

                              Please consider that you not only do it for yourself, but those that love you too.

                              Nothing is more painful than the memory of the death of the young girl I was married to who refused to quit despite my begging. It is the survivors that pay the price. I think of her every day. What a waste to be cut down so young, living half a life.

                              I hope all of you succeed.



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                                I have got to quit chewing tobacco. Tried everything, but I become hell to be around. The gum is no help, but maybe something else will be.

                                I will be cutting back severely in the next months though.

                                This is my "resolution", but alas, will probably wait until the summer months when I am away from the students, and can lock myself away at my camp for a week to be away from the wife and kids so I do not make them sorry once again for the resson that I quit.

                                I know - excuses, but us swedes have the old "viking temper" in us.

                                Good luck to all who have decided to quit.
                                CCBW, MAH