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    I quit a bunch of times. Once lasted over nine years. When I started again it was because of stress. My trick to stop is to: 1 -- put off the first cig of the day a little later each day, 2 -- make areas off limits to smoking i.e. not in the house, not in the car etc etc. 3 -- listen to yourself, if you are telling yourself you want to quit that is an opportunity to quit even if for a few hours. Eventually you will get sick of the games and really stop.

    Good luck, it is worth it. I buy a gun a year with the proceeds of not smoking.

    I worked with a warrant officer who quit cold turkey by imagining he was a POW each time he wanted a smoke. A brutal way to quit but it worked for him.


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      When I was in Basic Training we were allowed three cigs a day, on your person, during work hours. One after breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day a poor sorry dude was caught with a whole pack in his pocket. The DI made him eat them. Ralph, barf, puke, retch, heave and so on. No one cheated after that.
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