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New Years Resolutions

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  • chief

    I resolve to find out what in the hell a Aluminum Hexasphericon is and what it's used
    for. Oh yeah, and grovel for a raise too.

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  • abn
    started a topic New Years Resolutions

    New Years Resolutions

    #1) Until my mill is operational, I will not start any new shop projects that don't directly relate to getting it operational.

    #2) I will not bid on any ebay items until my only remaining debt is the mortgage.

    #3) All machine related purchases will be by cash, or if by credit I will pay before the next cycle date.

    #4) I will add either oxy-acetylene AND bandsaw capability or Tig capability to my shop in 2004...leaning toward the gas and bandsaw. Maximum of $2000 for the 2004 shop budget.

    #5) I will complete my engine buildup by June 2004, with an April 2004 actual target date.

    These are my 2004 Shop Resolutions...Wish me luck! How about you?