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What collet is this?

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  • What collet is this?

    I was rummaging through the second hand section of the local toy shop and found this -

    It's a Huron speed increaser. I talked a good price because the bearings were notchy - On examination I think they were just poorly adjusted.
    However, it only came with the collet that was in the head

    It measures up as an ER16 but there is no groove and that step at the end. I thought it might be an E16 but all the pictures I can find don't show a step either. I'm going to try fitting ER16's to it as the thread and angle are right, but what is this collet??


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    If you look in centaur book and/or website they have some like that, forget what they call them tho. I think they were like page behind ER collets or so.