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OT Making a gate out of PVC pipe....

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  • OT Making a gate out of PVC pipe....

    I need to make a couple gates for keeping goats where they should be. Thinking on the "cheap" way, I was thinking about making the frame out of 1 1/2" PVC pipe, and incorporate diagonals at each corner using "y"s for strength. The frame would then be covered with welded wire fencing. I could always add a wire diagonal corner to corner if it sags. What are the thoughts on this? Anyone try something similar?

    Goats like to climb, but I don't think they are malicious where they would try and tear it down.

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    How wide are you thinking? If it's of any size then the PVC really is not a good material to use. A frame of steel that can be welded will last a long time and give you very little trouble. Ive built things with the pipe before but they are always only a couple of feet across. Any run longer than about 4 feet will need to be reinforced or it can be easily bent or pushed. I suspect goats will learn to push on it and your gate may not be a gate for long!


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      I've got pygmy goats and always point out to visitors that pygmies will discover every flaw in your fencing.

      You didn't mention how wide the gate is but unless you are talking "people gate" of 3 feet or less, PVC of that size won't be stiff enough.

      I use pressure-treated 2" x 4" with a combination of full and half lapped joints and a 2" x 4" diagonal.



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        PVC after a few years in the sunlight will grow very weak and brittle. Bad idea.


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          OK, I was afraid you all would say this! There goes that idea!


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            So you are the one at fault!
            Did'nt anyone tell you to keep your goats in the yard? -_-;
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              Originally posted by metalmagpie
              PVC after a few years in the sunlight will grow very weak and brittle. Bad idea.
              Also take into account the cost of elbows, Tee's and Y fittings. In the end, the wooden gate will outlast the PVC gate, be more sturdy and repairable.


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                You could always make a frame from 1" square 14 gauge tube, drill holes in it to capture lengths of 1/2" EMT. Lightweight and minimal welding required. If you think it needs cross bracing, a simple strap running on the diagonal under tension would suffice.
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                  It would be pretty hard to beat using galvanized chain link fence top rail for the frame of your gate. It could be welded, if you have that capability, or they make clamp together corners which work well too, especially if you use through bolts through them rather than just relying on the clamp screws. The corners add to the overall cost so welding is preferred.