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Kennedy tool box parts source?

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  • Kennedy tool box parts source?

    Does anyone have a source for parts for a Kennedy roll away? I need a few of the spring clips that keep the drawers from coming out. Had made a few out of spring steel and they did ok but now are broken and I was thinking of at least pricing replacements but, even Kennedy's site doesn't list them. They do list the slide but they don't even mention whether they come with the clip springs. Is there a source or do I make more myself? Thanks.

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    Call Kennedy.


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      Yep...Call or email Kennedy. I needed one spring:

      80955 Drawer release springs @ 5.00 plus shipping

      I made one out of a leaf-rake tine and it seems to be working OK.


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        When I wanted to replace all the locks & keys for my #297B, MC-28 and 52611 Kennedy tool boxes to a matching cylindrical single key, I called Kennedy. They gave me the 3 different part numbers and list price. I then called my favorite local authorized distributor, get a little discount and ordered them.

        Excellent customer service from Kennedy!


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          Thanks guys. I emailed Kennedy and I can get 4 of those in a set for $5.00 and will order them tomorrow. Thanks again.