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Any problem leaving something heavy on a Bridgeport table?

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  • Any problem leaving something heavy on a Bridgeport table?

    I'm trying to get my garage cleaned up and I wonder if it's ok to leave my South Bend 8" Junior lathe on the BPT for a while. Yeah, heavy is a relative term, but I want to make sure I'm ok.

    Thanks. Lee

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    A SB Jr really isn't heavy but a BP table has a reputation for being a little tender - as in alleged to take a "set." It wouldn't hurt to set it on blocks located vertically over the ends of the saddle.


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      If you're so inclined, another option would be to support the ends of the BP table, maybe with a couple of lengths of 4x4 placed vertically on the floor.


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        I strongly advise you to not do that. Once you get your table to sag,it is very costly getting it fixed.


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          I don't recommend leaving any heavy weight on a BridgePort table very long. Especially if it is supported at each end of the table as a lathe would be. It can only cause the table to droop on the ends and it will get that way over time without any help from you.
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            If you centered the table over the knee and then placed wooden blocks under the lathe so that all the weight was concentrated in the middle you should avoid bowing the table. However, that would also make the lathe unstable.

            Consequently I recommend finding somewhere else to set you lathe.


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              I put it somewhere else. Thanks for the advice. I found myself with all kinds of spare time recently, so I figured I'd do something with that horrible mess of a garage. I'm getting lots more room, even after moving in a garage fridge (soon to be kegerator).