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    I have the 2 axis DRO PROs brand (glass scale) and am very pleased.

    Customer support is top notch.


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      For what it might be worth .......

      I bought two sets each (one for my mill and one for my lathe) of Sino 3 axis scales (SDS6-3VF) from JJ (xiao1207) on eBay, at ~$542 ea. delivered

      They came with the RS232 option and software (I requested this option) which allows you to save your data points in AutoCAD format files, so if you want to make up a lot of the same parts, you can just prototype the part on your manual lathe/mill, saving the data points to your PC via the RS232/software option, and then have a job shop make them for you using the the saved AutoCAD files, at less coin than you could ..... probably even if you have CNC machines.
      This is great, because I plan to make up parts for various hobbies I'm into, and then sell them on the different classified forums for those specialized hobbies.
      In the past I have just made up parts on special request basis, one at a time. But I have backed away from a lot of sales I could have made, due to it just eating all my time up to make each part manually.
      Now I can just save the data in A/C format and pass that along to a job shop who can make the parts for me at less than I can buy the material for.

      I got 1 micron resolution scales for my cross slide and compound, these were also slim KA500 and extra slim KA200 scales (respectively).
      The scale for my Drill/Mill spindle is also a slim KA500, 5 micron scale. The other 3 scales are 5 micron standard size KA300 scales, but the price also included a 1020mm long scale for my lathe carriage!.

      They came with 'full' covers for the scales (the type where you mount the thick back plate to your machine, then mount the scales to the back plate, and then mount the cover). This allows for a lot more flexible mounting options (read: .... 'very' easy!!) than does the regular covers, because you can drill and countersink the thick back plates wherever you need to mount them, and you can do that how you like ...... as opposed to being forced to use the fixed holes on the end of the scales themselves.
      The full covers also seal a lot better than the standard covers do.
      They also included a lot of different types of mounting plates and angles brackets to make the install go very fast and easy, as well as the clear plastic display covers and display mounting arms. Although the SDS6-3V can be set up for 3 different types of machines, you want to specify the type you will set it up for, to get the right mounting arm for that machine.

      When they arrived one of the scale covers was the regular type, the clear plastic dust covers for the displays had small cracks were they were folded, and two of the end caps for the covers were cracked.
      JJ replaced all very quickly via international express mail.
      I had no issues communicating with JJ, as his english is excellent, in fact ....... better than some stateside sellers!!

      The DROs arrived in just a little less than a week from the time I ordered them, and the replacement parts in about the same time after I let JJ know about the issues.

      The chinglish manual is available online for people wanting to read it first by following the instructions on the eBay site, or by doing google search for Sino SDS6-3V manual.
      Or, you can downloaded it in a dot rar compressed file from here:

      It is much better written than what I hear the first manual for the older Sino SDS2 was, and I didn't have any problems with it at all.

      I paid a total of $1085 for both sets 'delivered', and that included the special slim and extra slim scales, the extra long scale for my lathe carriage, and the two hi-resolution 1 micron units.

      Best regards,

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        I bought a 2 axis DRO with the glass scales from DRO PROs last year for my mill. The installation and operators manuals are well written. All the parts seemed to be of high quality. The installation was relatively easy (measure twice, drill once). I had to fab up a couple of brackets and spacers as the kit has a limited selection. I also had to buy some small bolts (4mmx0.7x16 mm) to mount the trolleys. The hardest part was mounting an indicator to level and align the y axis scale. The rest was plug and chug. There is a laminated cheat sheet that comes with the paperwork to keep out in the shop. Several weeks prior to buying, I called them a couple of times and asked a large number of questions which they answered in detail. They have a three year warranty and they have replacement scales if one should break. I have not had a need to use their customer service since purchasing, but am reasonably sure I won't be disappointed. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.