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  • More Toys are always good----

    The second cheque for my Radial Engine article in The Home shop Machinist magazine arrived last week, and its been burning a hole in my pocket ever since. I've kind of made a promise to myself that any money gleaned from magazine articles was my own personal "Mad Money" to spend on shop tools. (After all, it was the shop tools that made the engine articles possible!!!) So, today I went over and "browsed" at BusyBee Tools. Surprisingly enough, I am running out of small tools to buy. Remember, last month the first cheque bought my AXA quick change tool post. (Which I love.) Today, I picked up a V-block with hold down and a set of letter and number stamps.
    Brian Rupnow

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    I like your Vee block. I wish I had put a hole in mine when I made it. Now it's hard and too late.

    I hate stamps, evil vile tools tools they are. I've spent way too much time doing the finger dance and then having to find where the evil stamp flew off to.

    If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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      now you need to make a wooden box for the stamps and ditch the plastic. all our stamp boxes at work are made of wood with the stamps holes space about 1/2" apart. enough spacing to easily grab whatever stamp you need without trouble. only thing required is to know your alphabet.

      I've got the same v block. very handy. I ditched the support rod, and cut the main screw down in length. keep a few pennies handy and close by to prevent marring work too. if yours is like mine the clamp will need to be clearanced a bit on the sides in order for it to lay flat on it's side. quick job with a disc sander, but otherwise the rest of it is surprisingly accurate