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Toolholder to high, How to correct?

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  • Toolholder to high, How to correct?

    I just bought this Aloris AXA-22 toolholder, My hope was that it would help doing chamfers and such without moving the compound. I spent a lot of money on this and the inserts, and thought I researched it well but it sits to high...

    I use plenty of other AXA toolholders without a problem., the lathe is a Clausing 4900 series with a 10" swing.

    Very much a newbie here so take it easy on me!

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    I'm assuming the toolholder is all the way down, so couldn't you just mill a little off the bottom of it? That would give you the extra room to move the toolholder down farther. Or maybe machine a spacer for the toolpost? Otherwise return for a different model.


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      That's an interesting looking tool. I would also suggest just milling a bit off the bottom, but only off the portion with the dovetails, since it doesn't look like you have much meat under the part with the insert (I assume that indexes to different positions) Anyway, mill away anything that sits on the compound and leave everything else. The tool holder may be hard or it may be soft, so you might want to start off with an end mill you aren't emotionally invested in
      Stuart de Haro


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        Sometimes it is hard to judge measurements from a picture but what if you use the same size insert but in a thinner height? They are available in several different thicknesses, the one in the pic seems very thick.

        Alternately, you could remove some material from the bottom of the holder to allow it to go lower, it looks like you would need to put a longer adjustment screw in also.


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          Unfortunately your research didn't include looking at the key dimensions shown on the Aloris site.

          However all is not lost as all that should be required is to take the necessary amount off of the bottom of the tool holder.
          I would assume it will be hardened so take the appropriate steps to deal with it.
          Nice tool holder though, just a tad too tall, no biggie.
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            You can cut that holder base with a solid carbide end mill no problem, just take light cuts and *ease* into the cut.
            James Kilroy


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              Also a newbie here, but how about turning the compound 90deg so that the hand wheel is toward you. Then set the tool post right on the edge of the top slide so that the bottom of the tool holder will slide down beside the top slide?

              good luck,



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                Very good tool.

                You will need to mill or grind some material off the bottom of the tool and install a longer adjustment screw to get it adjusted to center height. There is a lot of variability in the hardness of tool holders. It may require a carbide mill but it is doable as shown here.

                I have a similar Dorian holder.
                It has become one of my favorite tools. I wish mine had the double mounting like yours. Where did you purchase it and what did it cost?
                Byron Boucher
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                  Skim the anvil? - the part the insert sits on.


                  PS: or make a new one or buy one with a lower height.
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                    Raise the chuck?
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                      I see that they have multiple "cartriges" that the insert fits into. Is that a CRT30 in the picture? If so, Maybe the CRT-20 will work ffor you.

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                        I don't know if anyone has posted, but the insert in that holder is too thick. It appear to be a TNMG332, what you should be looking for is a TNMG (or better, TNMP) 322. That middle digit is the thickness, in 1/16" increments. All the links and photos I've seen show the insert just about flush with the top of it's cartridge.

                        That 1/16" inch lower isn't going to be quite enough though. I still think you're going to have to mill off about another 1/8" from the bottom of the holder. I've had no problem doing this using my carbide insert face mills, a HSS end mill may not get the job done.


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                          Looks like its the holders fault, the cutting tip of the tool is wayyy over the centerline of the holder. Agreed, cut the bottom off the holder.
                          Hit with a file first to see just how hard it is. (File bites in like on mild steel = soft, File skates off, hardly scratching it = Hard)
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                            Originally posted by danlb
                            I see that they have multiple "cartriges" that the insert fits into. Is that a CRT30 in the picture? If so, Maybe the CRT-20 will work ffor you.

                            It is the CRT-20 mounted, good catch though.


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                              Originally posted by steverice
                              Raise the chuck?
                              That was helpful