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Quill leaking badly.

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  • Quill leaking badly.

    Hi all,
    I have a saimp mill with a quill that is pouring oil out. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what this repair would entail or how to do it. I have never had a quill out so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gary

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    Quill usually come in one of two versions, greased and oiled.

    A greased spindle wont leak. Though these are usually found in VMCs and the like.

    Oiled spindles are most common in manual mills. They are a total loss system. Out oil in the top and it soak a felt pad and slowly travels down the quill to the lower bearing and out though the labyrinth seal. There are some sealed spindles but I doubt yours is. Thats why you oil often on a spindle. Consult the manual for what oil. My supermax says spindle oil where the mill at work specs Vactra 2.


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      2X on Macona's post. I strongly advise you to consult the machine's manual and if you do not have one, get one. The age and condition of the machine could also be factors as bad seals or felts could be causing the problem.