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  • dip moulding

    Hi is is anybody out there who has a bit of experience on dip moulding
    thanks eugene

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    What is dip moulding?


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      A very simple example is the plastic handles on your pliers Another example are roadcones or plastic gloves


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        Most (not all materials) require some sort of short post heating/curing process. Many people in the hobby business are not set up to handle that portion of it. If you can find a material which will cure/set at room temperature quickly you may be able to do it. The problem is you will have to constantly slowly rotate the material in several directions so it does not slump or run. Just my $0.02


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          Dip Molding

          I think that the best example is called a CANDLE.
          Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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            They make dip coatings for tool handles and similar items.


            I have used them and it is very simple. Clean surface, dip, hang to dry. That's it. If you want a thicker coat, repeat. Oh, watch for a drip on bottom end and remove it for a uniform coat there. They are not necessairly as tough as commercial coatings on tools, but the commercial coatings are not all that great in my opinion.

            If you add a bit of release agent to the handles or form, then it can be easily removed when dry.

            Is this what you are talking about?
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

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              Plastisol is the heavy duty dip found on tools. the tool is heated, dipped then baked. A seriously stinky mess!!!
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                +1 on the Plastisol coating..... The stuff also makes a nice small flexible funnel, just spin an aluminum form and you are good to go.