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If a machinery dealer rates something 5 out of a 10...

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  • If a machinery dealer rates something 5 out of a 10...

    How worried should I be??

    I have found a mill that is in my price range ($1000)...Since I cant see it easily he gave it a rating of 5 out of a 10... "Everything works, but it was heavily used". Only issue's per the seller are that the brakes need new pads and a few handles missing..

    Comes with a set of r-8 collets and some cutters.. Otherwise it is a 2hp 3 phase motor... older Enco. Pictures look good

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    Without knowing the dealer's reputation it's hard to say. Heavily used to me would suggest that the table has cutter marks (which the photo's confirm) and that there is probably wear in the ways and backlash on the screws. Depending on how and how often you are planning to use the machine those issues may not matter too much and can be fixed anyway.



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      Heavily used vari-speed head on a manual machine, with missing fine&coarse quill, quillfeed, ...
      Who knows what gives with the bearings?

      The dealer ain't given you nothing, Except the business!!


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        Aside from the worn vari-drive and bubba-ed table, it is missing more than a few bits & pieces, has the wrong handwheel on left side of the table and is a not very good grey repaint over a not very good green repaint.
        Jim H.


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          You will not get it any cheaper at an auction unless it is completely covered in rust. For hobby home use buy a new el cheapo import, work it over and it will last a long time. Unless you get extremely lucky and find one owned by a little old lady and only used on sunday they will be worn, by a new Bridgeport for around $15,000 with a DRO ( this migh not be correct), go ahead and stimulate the economy!!!!


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            Where are you guys seeing vari drive? It looks like a step pulley machine to me.
            Jonathan P.


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              I vote to pass. It's hard to hold off pulling the trigger when you finally find a machine you can afford, but I would think that you can find a better machine for your budget (especially in what used to be the machine tool capitol of the world!).


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                Originally posted by Fasttrack
                I vote to pass. It's hard to hold off pulling the trigger when you finally find a machine you can afford...
                So true about holding off...


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                  Personally, I would not buy that unless I could see- and try- it in person. The quill could be loose, the spindle bearings shot, the table screws worn, the table ways worn, the motor bearings going out, stripped teeth in the back gears, you name it.

                  If you can try it, and the problems are minimal and/or easily repairable (like the missing wheels and levers) then $1K isn't too bad. (It'd be a steal up here.)

                  Or, if the guy dropped the price by a fair percentage- like at least a third, if not half- it'd be a decent buy, as long as you know you're buying a "kit" that will need work.

                  Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                    Yes, it is a step pulley. I didn't look that hard, I was distracted by the rest of the machine, and did not look that hard at the fine points.
                    Jim H.


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                      that machines had a blinking good scrub with abrasives ..thats all i can say.

                      all the best.markj


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                        What do you expect for just a little old $1,000 not a new machine I hope , may be some Chinese crap. You may find better but you going to have to look hard. Wore out Bridgeport is $3,500 any day of the week around here. Nice one may be 6 are 7 thousand.
                        Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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                          Originally posted by cuemaker
                          So true about holding off...
                          How far are you willing to drive to find a piece of a equipment? I've seen a number of good deals in Fort Wayne, IN in the past couple of years. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive which isn't too bad timewise. A little bit rough with the current gas prices, though.

                          I don't mean to pester you, but I think I will send you a pm with a few possible deals I've found. Hopefully you can find something that will serve you a little bit better. I'm just suspicious of buying from a dealer - especially when they say the machine is 5/10 stars. Typically I subtract 2 stars from a dealer rating.
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                            5 out of 10 by a dealer usually means that is suitable for re-melt into something useful.

                            Considering that it is a clone, and is beat up, waiting for better example would be my suggestion.


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                              Originally posted by Fasttrack
                              I don't mean to pester you,

                              Not a pester, I appreciate the help..And I am willing to drive if the machine is worth the drive...2hrs is not a big drive just to look...I would go 7hrs to pickup a good deal if I had to..

                              And as for size that I mentioned in my PM to you, my work has to a 20,000 sq ft warehouse so I can always do that.. Its just that I live an hour and 10 mins from work so I wouldnt be able to fix anything up...