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Very nice hydraulic cylinder materials supplier

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  • Very nice hydraulic cylinder materials supplier

    In the process of repairing several small, welded construction hydraulic cylinders for land & garden equipment I had a need for honed cylinder tubing and pushrod stock. Not big stuff, 2.1" bore and 4" stroke. Buying new gets expensive fast, new from the Deere folks they run $350-400 so even extensive rebuilding is worthwhile.

    I need to put a new barrel on one, I'm thinking that there was water in the fluid as the low end of the cylinder, when mounted, had a distinct wedge or rust in the bore. Pitted to .006" so it was beyond hope.

    Two have rusted pushrods and I have four other cylinders which will need pushrods for that same reason.

    Anyhow, I found through a Bing search and sent them an email. Within an hour I had a reply and an hour after that a phone call. The sales rep. I talked to was very pleasant and treated me like my $85 order was important.

    Just a few minutes after the call ended they called back, problem with the card I had used for payment. Turned out they had keyed a number wrong. With that correected they ran the card again and then called me back to let me know it went through with the corrected information and that the order would be cut and shipped that afternoon.

    So far I'm impressed and will be doing more business with them. Just thought that I would pass this along. It seems like all too often the people we spend our money with don't really care that we choose to spend it with them.

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    Been doing business with then for a few years,your right,good folks to deal with,just ordered some tubing from them last week.
    I just need one more tool,just one!