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Wish more Tool/Carbide Mfgs had a website like ISCAR

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  • Wish more Tool/Carbide Mfgs had a website like ISCAR

    Usually I'm here bitching about some 1-shot tool that doesn't make the grade.

    But today I just want to thank ISCAR for commissioning the website they have and rave about the functionality and usefulness of their website. It is several plateaus above the rest.

    The search function actually works -

    Links to the related Inserts are right there on the side bar once you locate the correct tool - with ALL the applicable grades of inserts too.

    AND a nice little Milling Cutter / Speed and Feed calculator that actually works as well.

    I found my tool with in seconds - not hours of pouring through a .pdf catalog only to find some thing "close". The correct Inserts for the application were right there as well and accessed in 1 second - NOT additional hours again pouring through their catalog.

    Actually - ISCAR just moved up several notches on my Tool Selection list

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    Maybe they have a good web site because they want people to go there and buy there product. Others don't seem to get it.
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