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Motor Rewinding Shop Needed in California

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  • Motor Rewinding Shop Needed in California

    I have a motor I need rewound and am looking for a shop in California that has a good reputation and does quality work (hopefully reasonably priced as well. I live in the Sacramento area but travel to San Francisoc, LA and San Diego from time to time so that could be an option as well. The motor is for a woodworking machine that is direct drive and was in a fire so is toasted. If you know of any shops that you would recommend please let me know through post or PM. Thanks for any help.

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    -I've had these people rewind armatures on my electric die grinders.


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      There was a place over in Del Paso Heights I used to have rewind CAT starters for me and never let me down.

      If I can think of the name I'll post it


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        You might want to try Rosenau in Sacramento. He does anything from small (1/3 hp) to large industrial. I have several of his motors in my shop that I purchased as rebuilts. I only had trouble with one over the years, and he made good on it at no cost. I think his prices are very fair. If he can't compete with new, he'll tell you.

        He's on the web.



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          How much does a replacement motor cost? Most small motors are not worth the cost of rewinding, especially if they have been in a fire. At the plant I work at, we do not even consider rewinding a motor less then 25hp.


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            How much does a replacement motor cost?
            The last used/rebuilt motor I purchased was a 56 series Baldor, 2 hp, 3 phase, for $75.00. Since new would have been a couple of hundred, I consider that a good choice based on the motors light duty, home shop application. It's been happily motivating for over a year now!

            If I was running a plant, and downtime was a major consideration, I'd buy new, but I'm not running a plant............



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              You are not going to get a motor rewound for $75, your motor was most likely just cleaned up, maybe new bearings put into it. For a home shop, that is probably fine, but it is false economy to take a cheap motor and try and have it fixed when a new motor is not that much more. By the way, I bought a Baldor 1 hp motor several years ago from a motor shop for $75 and it works fine still, so I am not opposed to buying something rebuilt that works, just to sinking money into something cheap that is known to be bad.

              Out if curiosity, I asked our rewind shop a few months what it would cost to rewind a 1-2 hp motor and they estimated if they actually did it, they have been in business for decades and nobody they could remember actually rewound a small motor that small, it would probably be a minimum of $1,000 due to the labor required to do the work.


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                I have just had a 1.5 HP motor rewound, just rewound no bearings or anything else.

                The bill was £ 235 about $375

                A new motor of the same size and power off the shelf, with my discount would have been £68 or $108.

                I had to have it rewound as the stator was fitted into the housing of the machine, I even looked at fitting a stator out of a new motor but this one was small and longer.

                Normally the rewinders will not rewind stock motors below 15 HP due to cost but they do rewind specials all the while.

                Here's a couple that I did yesterday to send back today.
                DC armature is out of some fork truck and no spares available, burnt out and had let the back bearing go, just needs a rewind, no idea of cost but not cheap.

                Small DC tacho at the top is just a back bearing sleeve but this one also needs a rewind, open circuit. Totally unobtainable but a very expensive machine is down whilst this is waiting for repair.

                So often it's not all about cost.

                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  It was about 15 years ago but $275 to have a CAT D-9 Starter rebuilt was considered a very good deal