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giant machine tools, in toronto (can you believe it?)

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  • giant machine tools, in toronto (can you believe it?)

    While browsing kijiji, I found a company selling a fully finished 2M lathe skeleton, looked at their company profile and apparently they rebuild giant machine tools in toronto canada. They do entire rebuilds of machines such as of up to 16M diameter VTL's. Maybe us torontonians will get to see the highways closed as they ship these massive parts downtown for shipping ...

    One example: 13.2 Meter diameter VTL; full report here:

    •The Farrel boring mill is dismantled by Team Machine in Alabama and shipped to Toronto. Over the next six months, Team Machine completes an entire mechanical and CNC electrical re-fit of the machine at their warehouse.
    •The boring mill is then shipped to Vadodara, India, via Saint John and Mumbai.
    •Over the next 2 ½ months, Team Machine engineers assemble, install and test the newly retrofitted boring mill at Alstom’s Vadodara plant.

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    I discovered quite by accident that Ontario New York is home to one of the largest press-brakes outside of a shipyard. They use it to bump-form plate for tower-fabrications.

    Nudd Tower is the name of the company. I went there to look at a drill-press they had listed for sale.

    The press... could bend my van and two of my molding presses in half with room to spare.
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      I was surprised to discover that a dead-looking warehouse just around the corner from me and maybe a thousand yards from Boston's financial district contains a machinery dealer with a selection of fairly large stuff like this:,,,20162600

      It surprised me because East Boston hasn't been much of an industrial center since the turn of the last century. Before that, it was home to Donald McKay's shipyard, where the greatest of the clipper ships including the Flying Cloud and Great Republic were built, but after that it became mostly a place for passenger terminals and was known as Boston's version of Ellis Island. What's left of Boston's heavy industry is mostly on the other side of the harbor in Southie and Dorchester.


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        So could someone point out to me where the turret is on that giant Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL)?



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          Did you follow the link to the couple pictures in the OP's post? The picture in HSM is just one end of the larger photo showing more of the machine. It looks to me like it's set with two tools on the bridge for face work and one from each side that turn on the diameter. VTL I think is Vertical Turning Lathe so a turret isn't quite the same as a regular turret lathe, but it might have drum tooling like a CNC lathe to present a variety of tools to the work.
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