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  • Maple Syrup Electric Supply.

    Received Electrical Info , I was advised to use (Buy) a C1F005XES TRANSFORMER, ENCAP, 5KVA, 515.00 1 515.00
    220/120 Volt, 60 Hz
    This would be hooked into a GS2-22P0 GS2 2.0 HP AC DRIVE 230V 1/3 244.00 1 244.00
    PH IN 3 PH OUT
    Total: $ 759.50 F.O. B Cumming, GA
    This is to use the standard 120 volt line that can run a 2 horsepower electric motor to a Transformer ? that connects to the AC DRIVE which will connect to the vaccuum pump? Sheesh.. Where do you find used transformers klike this > ?
    WOW those Hillbillys make the money. Was hoping a cheraper solutuin possible. That transformers expensive.. Mike

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    You don't have 240v 1 phase available? Why is the transformers needed?
    That VFD shows a price of $244.00 at Automation direct.


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      2hp at 120v needs a 20A circuit at least.
      Your better off ignoring the transformer and wiring up a 240v circuit (Or rewiring a 120v circuit to 240v) and running a VFD off that.
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