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Harig Grind-All No.1- what do you do with yours?

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  • Harig Grind-All No.1- what do you do with yours?

    What're your applications for the tool? It seems to be very versatile, yet the manufacturer doesn't describe its many uses.

    Hints, tips and photos of the setups will be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Sits on the shelf till needed. Hasn't been used in years. Use is to grind punches.
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      I've used them as Lane mentions for grinding punches. If you have an oblong punch or a rectangle with rounded corners and dimensions are critical that's your tool. If you start with a rectangle for instance, and need to then grind a full radius on the two ends where your tolerance is down to a thousandth or so, you can position the punch, set angular stops for 180 degrees and get the curves you need.

      If the working end of the punch was larger than the head you could (often) dress a radius on the wheel and grind it longways. With a larger head than work end you don't have that option. It could be EDM'ed if you had the equipment or done on the jig grinder with a rotary table (slower and more work) so the Harig is your friend.
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          We grind form and pierce punches with ours. We use it almost daily.

          Its VERY accurate, we commonly hold .0001 with ours. You do need to keep them clean and well taken care of. It should last forever if you do that. They are also VERY expensive to replace.


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            In these photos I am using a Harig type clone to spin down the O.D. of a new CZ-52 barrel to use as a 7.62x25 liner in an old Star Modelo Super so I can have a 1911 type pistol in TOK caliber.
            The Harig type spin fixtures are much more accurate and versatile than the common 5C collett fixtures you see.

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              Thank you, guys!


              Is that a makeshift follow/steady rest/replacement for a tailstock underneath the barrel being ground? How do you progress through the barrel grinding: a few 360- degree rotations with the fixture then shifting the cross slide of the grinder while rotating the Harig handle, stop the cross slide, more Harig rotations, etc.? Or you do it differently for the best result?

              Do you find that the fixture holds parts more, less or equally secure if compared with 5C collets? Do you dial the parts in using a separate indicator when you set it up for OD grinding? Anything else you use the fixture for?

              Thank you.
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