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    I received my new lathe this week. A PM 12x36. I have not gotten it all the way home yet but hope to late this week. I had to unload it at a friends lumber yard until I can get it hauled home. Do you guys have any tips to getting set up correctly and quickly?
    Thanks David

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    I have no idea what a PM 12 x 36 is. How about a pic.
    Put it on 2 x 6's w/ carriage bolts or lag screws through the legs to the wood. It will be easier to move w/ rollers and a bar.
    I use 7' and 4' bars.
    2x6's on the legs, rollers (3/4" or 1" pipe) and a ramp and come along. They make it easirer for you take it off of a trailer.
    Do "NOT" wear gloves.
    The 2x6's will also enable you to move it in the future once it is in your shop..
    It will be more easily leveled too.
    On 2x6 boards it will be less in contact w/ the concrete floor and all mice will feel more uncomfortable around it.
    It will also be easier to sweep around if the machine is elevated.

    An experienced mechanic is easily spotted by their instinctive selection of the proper hammer.

    K Lively
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      Sorry, this is a precision matthews lathe from quality machine in PA.