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Blowed Harley emergency rebuild on cheap

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  • Blowed Harley emergency rebuild on cheap

    Buddy bought a blowed Sportster, bottom gone from cases.

    Flywheels from newer model, had to swap crank pin to old wheels. (done by Others) I got to inherit it.

    First, drilled roussele 1" press bed to match Rowe flywheel jig, (mill bored center, torch cut crankpin hole) since "both sides" were out 15 thou. Had to true wheels individually.. this amounts to mounting on centers, then marking LOW side, whacking shaft with deadblow hammer to bring into less than a thou wobble.

    When both sides were trued then assembled rods onto pin, assembled wheels and torqued crank pin about 60lbs.. Using the Orange Alignment "secret weapon" to parallel wheels.. (pieces of channel iron pulls wheel rims parallel).

    Rolling over, looking for wobble at shafts.. Marking LOW side, smacking with a 1lb brass hammer to shift Sprocket side to true wheels together. (cam side is keyed). YOU remove from lathe centers, hold by rods, and smack the chalk mark to adjust wheels eccentric to each other.. ONCE trued, you torque down the crank pin nut, (recheck true, then apply locktite to nut-holder phillips screw and secure..

    He had to buy a set of cases from a local shop.. I am hunting a "patch" panel for this set, thou the insides are blowed all to heck too. Dragon Man.. Colorado?? used to sell them.. any clue where he got off to??

    This is a low buck emergency repair job.. done on a lathe in between centers.. I have been as clean as Possible considering the time frame this had to be done in. ONE chip in roller bearings make them slider bearings.. ALL my tools are magnetic.. any clue how to remove that?? even the wrenches.. I guess from years of being around power generators and hydro plants??

    My buddy, whom I have not seen in 15-20 years.. very happy.. Not many of the old ones I knowed from the 70s still alive.. most died of silly things or health issues..
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    secret weapon, channel iron parallels. pulls wheels square..

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      Thanks - I found that very interesting. Are modern Harleys put together in the same way ?

      Some pre-unit Triumph 500s had two journal ends, each bolted to the flywheel. I always fancied turning one through 90 degrees to change the vibration to that of a Honda 250. It would only need some cams and and ignition cam made up.

      Anyway, those quick jobs tend to be the ones that last. It's the expensive no-holds-barred rebuilds that shoot a rod second time out.
      Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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        Maybe on the cheap but I learn from everything u post. How is the shop truck?
        "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

        My shop tour


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          Shop truck.

          My 78 el camino.. since I pulled the 350 back out, put the 305 back in? it has had maybe 20 miles on it.. Kinda boring actually.. I drive the wife's honda fit most the time or this toy.. I got a vortec 5.4 sitting in the corner.. it may liven things up.

          Minor work on engine, adjustable pushrods and cams.. thunder kit in fuel injection. Runs and runs like the energizer bunny..

          MODERN Harley engines are a tad different.. Evos are mostly the same as vtwins 1936 to 1999, twinkie, or twin cam engines have pressed crank pins and chain drive cams, I have not been in one yet except to hand some parts to someone else..

          Evos are my favorite, thou the old 58 pan would smoke this one's ass. I had more in the engine than this whole bike.. this one has a push button starter instead of a kick only, air ride.. and weighs twice as much..
          THE evo flywheels, the "jig holes" are slightly different than the older big twins and this sportster.. I'll have to tap them other holes there. This will probably be my last bike.. but I said I was done when I sold the pan..

          Doc.. is bringing me his old pan to assemble.. old California styled chopper.. rigid and wide glide.. I could still pick one of them up.. now.. Just pick up one end and set it onto a milk crate..

          Evos are the cheapest to build from scratch...

          Edit for important notes:
          NOTE: Previous flywheel assembler tried to true with a ruler flat-edge.. and HE OILED the crank pin taper.. that'd be fine till you dumped the clutch and the flywheel shifter due to the taper not locking in dry.. YOU must use a brass hammer to make taper turn loose.. Ringing.. I use the same hammer to swap Morse taper drills with a drift..
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            Are you going to fix the case?


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                Attempt? to..

                Yes.. I am going to attempt to fix the old cases.. I suck at aluminum welding.. I learned to weld from a
                old school pipe line welder.. hot-wet and fast.. Tig welding is ... when it looks wet it falls out,
                It will require a patch panel, the cases split there.. if one is available.. otherwise they are wall

                BLOWED UP.. yeah.. that pretty much descibes the event.. rod broke, the part-rod came out
                the bottom BLOWING a hole as big as a cat needs to crawl through.

                Supposedly, this engine belonged to a Probationary club member from Chattanooga who was
                sent on a "get there quick" errand.. I don't know.. I know very few of the club members anymore since
                I have kept my nose out of "trouble" for quite a few years.. meaning.. not having fun with them guys.
                "F__king, Fist-fighting & Running foot races" has been out for a few years with me.. well.. I still dabble .

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                  THEY... demo'ed the timken bearings on both sets of flywheels.. there is a proper puller from Jims (bought by mistake) there in that white box on the press table..

                  On the right there.. a "home made" bearing installer made from a greenlee knock out puller.. the knock out cutter is the same thread as the "sprocket shaft" on the flywheels and I tig welded a tube that goes over the cutter, to a 1.08" diameter lathe cut tube to "press" the timken over the shaft..

                  HOW it all goes together?
                  ON installation into a left hand harley case, the inner timken is pressed onto the sprocket shaft, then the spacer (clearance for side to side play) is installed, then inserted into the case and the "outer" timken pressed onto the shaft.. then you set up a dial indicator and check the end play between the bearings.. I'll have to research "what it is" for this engine.. as my memory has went to crapola..

                  Anyways.. once the side to side is locked in with the clearance set, you can put the crankcase halves together (with sealant) and build the cam side gear train.

                  I'll pull it into the case for my buddy.. and get back onto my projects.. perhaps he will continue to come around and we can sit on the porch some and talk about "what used to be".. some more..

                  As with everything else.. the previous harley mechanic.. did the best he could, with his intelligence level, his knowledge level, his available tooling and the available time.. I have also. CLEAN ROOM.. I used to have a space allotted here.. ONE chip in the wrong place and all is for Naught.. The best thing you can do when space and situation is limited is to "not do any grinding" or painting.. or.. till you get the critical mechanical parts sealed back up. (chips don't fall up). I have been a failure at keeping my shop clean.. There was this black guy from Chattanooga who helped around the shop.. he was the "best" at cleaning up chips and my accumulated mess of my "too many projects"... but he was also a liar.. and I could not stand that.
                  I have to start cleaning with a coal scoop here.. sometimes it seems like it is a losing proposition.
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                    Quick way to get magnetism out of tools is just give them a couple of whacks against another metal object like your welding table or a vice.


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                      fitting rods to crank pin

                      Nobody said I was the best communicator.. Building ROD bearings into cages.. well you put cage onto crank pin, rub some white grease around the cage to HOLD the rollers. (forget who taught me that?) I use a metal pan to "keep from losing the rollers" one short means you can't assemble..

                      Jiggle the rods down over the "cages and bearings" making sure you don't drop any out.. FEMALE goes in the back.. just like on the bike... Once again, make sure the crank taper is "clean" and dry so it will lock in and not shift while running..

                      TO calculate rod-crank pin-roller clearance? rod bushing diameter minus crank pin diameter plus 2xroller diameter.. remainder is the clearance... Lapping rod journals, you need a lap tool that keeps it "square" ..... I don't have one.. Rod bushings are about $45.... mucho cheaper than a crank pin-rod set.. you can buy various sized rollers.. don't mix them up or you will spend hours with a caliper..
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                        Great read...

                        There are several ways to make a demagnetizer, one way is to just take the rotor out of a single phase electric motor and there you have it!

                        Better to make a few minor mods to it though, take off any capacitor and disconnect the start winding. The current will be a bit high too and there are several ways to fix that but the easiest might be a light socket in series and a high wattage globe.

                        You just turn it on and poke the tool into the centre then slowly withdraw it.

                        Take care and cover any wires.


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                          Dragon man is still in business but haven't heard one good thing about his ops in years.........
                          Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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                            Those cases are a sorry sight but I'm enjoying your thread. If the weld job on the cases doesn't work out don't toss them in the garbage. If the front motor mounts weren't destroyed in the explosion I'll buy the cases. I'm building a frame fixture for an Ironhead and those cases would be useful to me. I could run some square stock right though the hole in the bottom of the cases down to the fixture (jigged off of the crank journals or bore spigots) and the cases would automatically provide the correct mount points for the frame. There's no such thing and junk bike parts!



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                              Great idea Bob.. I got a frame jig here, tubing bender.. and blueprints.. I got some evo cases too here.. we could share them.. send em back and forth.. I am thinking right now about putting a square sump on the bottom like Delkron cases.. if I can't find the right patch piece.

                              Dragon Man: He sure has some bad feedback on the net.. That happened to a excellent company I worked for in the 80s.. they hired a relative who loved to mock customers on the phone, paying ones with problems.. I however bought a lot of their machine shop out when they had to auction it all off. Shame.. things you trusted once going to hell in a hand basket.. I was in California repairing machinery when I was told my last five payroll checks had bounced..

                              Sifton, now made in China.. Another disappointment.
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