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Rotary table? Dividing head?

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  • Rotary table? Dividing head?

    Is this a rotary table or is it a dividing head?

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    It is a rotary table with division plates. You can mount it horizontal or vertical.


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      With the gear that's with it, then both.

      It's one of those cases where the definitions as were knew them have been extended by the product design.

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        I'm liking it.


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          It is a rotary table with indexing plates and a tailstock. Not uncommon at all.

          A disadvantage to this rotary table is that they cannot be accurately tilted like a tilting dividing head for tapered work,nor can they be geared to the table for milling twists such as slab milling cutters,drill bits,etc.

          The original universal horizontal milling machine was invented for milling twist drills,which previously were hand filed out. I had some very old small twist drills that were actually hand filed out. You could see the marks left by the round files.


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            A rotary table has, how shall I put this, ...... a table. A dividing head has a spindle.

            Just my opinion, but seems reasonable to me.


            Originally posted by Tony Ennis


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              rotary tables - height and weight

              Having owned a number of rotary tables and a dividing head, just wanted to mention height and weight.

              Even low profile tables can eat up a surprising amount of vertical space under a milling head, particularly if a chuck is placed on them. Dividing heads are going to come with a tailstock as well - if you are thinking of getting one, make sure you have enough room on the table. The older I get the less I like hefting my dividing head onto my mill.


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                That's a rotary table with accessories.

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