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    Rivett leadscrew reverse

    Originally posted by macona
    Neat. But I think I would want something more positive. I have had to really push on a handle a couple time when taking a heavy cut with the leadscrew.

    I think Rivett had a auto-disengage system. But I am not sure that was for the feed or threading.
    Time traveling into a very old thread...

    Don't know about the later Rivetts, but the pre-WWII 1020 had a leadscrew reverse feature that changed the carriage feed direction without stopping the spindle. Completely eliminates the need for the half-nuts other than to engage them at the beginning and never disengage them until the job is done. It worked for both threading and turning. It also worked for turning to a micrometer stop.

    Not much is known about these pre-WWII Rivett 1020s as few were made (20) and even fewer remain (4). I have restored one of those four.