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    I picked this neat looking hone set up at a flea market a few years ago. It looks pretty old. It promptly dissapeared into that black hole that lurks in a lot of our workshops. It suddenly reappeared yesterday. Darn, I could have used this a couple months ago after I bored the 3/4" cylinder on a model engine I'm building.

    I started to assemble the adjuster end and am a little confused. Something isn't quite right. I think I know the key, but I'm hoping may maybe one of you guys might have one and can confirm my thinking as well as maybe commenting on it's ability as a hone set. I've never seen one and would like to try it but I also feel that if it was a good design I might have seen one by now.
    This is the assembly diagram:

    And this is a closer picture of the adjuster setup:

    I think the ball shaped piece on the close picture, which is not shown on the assembly sheet, should be between 5 and 6, and pressed into part 6 (the speed sleeve.) Number 5 (front cone) is not threaded and needs the threaded ball piece to make the sleeve push on it to expand the mandrel. The speed sleeve has no other threads, except for the micrometer collar 7, which is a pressed in assembly and threads the stop screw. The stop screw moves in or out by turning the micrometer collar. I'm not at all sure about the retaining nut 8, it may be that it's part of the micrometer collar assy.
    Also confused about the internally threaded cap, shown just under the ball piece. It has a screwdriver slot on the other end and also fits the thread on the shank. Maybe for the stop screw to ride on?
    I would also like to know if the sandpaper "abrasives" are available, althjough I really think I'm dreaming. They are custom fit to the mandrels. A thin piece of sheet metal is bent over the edges of the sandpaper abrasive and the assembly slides onto the mandrels from the ends. Probably a difficult thing to make.
    Opinions, answers and comments welcome.


    Just thought I'd add this part of the instruction sheet.

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    I can't answer your questions but I do have some Ammco Small Bore Hones that are basically similar. We used to use then for finishing piston pin bushings and pistons when installing new bushings or oversize pins. I think parts for the Ammco hones are still available.
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    Don Young


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      Thanks Don,
      I searched a bit and came up with a lot on Ammco, but haven't found anything on small hones except the little 3 stone types. Do you have any leads as to where I might find something? If not I'll keep poking around.

      I did a search on Tydeman hones and came up with this rather interesting website for Snap-on/Bluepoint collectors. The the Tydeman is on Page 86 of the 1945 catalogue.

      I wonder if Snap-on might still sell replacement abrasives.


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        I haven't actually tried to find anything for the Ammco hones in many years. It is entirely possible that Snap-On might still have the abrasives for your hone. I would think that with care and patience it would probably be feasible to secure new abrasives to your old carriers with adhesive. You might try contact cement and/or some sort of fixture to hold the parts tightly together. It would be important to have an even layer and uniform bonding.
        Don Young


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          I know this is an old thread. I am having the same problem as the OP. I don't have the instruction sheet from under the lid though, so I am a little further behind. If anyone out there could copy that sheet and post it here that would be super. The assembly diagram is gone from the original post, and that is all I really need.
          Captain K