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  • Sharpening question

    What is the proper angle for sharpening the blade of a Spokeshave? And how much of the edge should stick out through the soleplate for proper shaving action? TIA


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    that's the link to the general spokeshave pages at leevalley.
    When you begin to look at some of the information on the various pages, it looks like it can vary between 20* and 30* and appears to depend on the orientation of the sole.
    They also talk about shimming to some quite fine tolerances.

    Mileage may vary as I have no idea how much of this info is common or specific to their particular tools.


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      "It all depends," but a typical angle is probably around 25 degrees. As far as how much protrudes, that depends on the kind of wood and how easy it is to cut. When set properly you should get a nice smooth shaving without an inordinate amount of effort.

      Since you're asking this, I gather that you are unfamiliar with hand planes in general. I'll add one important detail to watch for: make sure the wood grain is oriented such that as you are cutting you're not lifting the grain. You want the cutter to run off the ends of angled grain, not dig into it.
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