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Looking for my first forklift, C20B???

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  • Looking for my first forklift, C20B???

    Looking to get my first forklift to help moving stuff around and between the shop (attached on car garage in my house) and the shop out back. The driveway between is blacktop, with a small bit of gravel. there is a step (3") into the shop that I could easily build up with gravel or make a ramp until I get the new blacktop done. the small shop has a regular 7' garage door, and the bigger shop has 8' doors with 10' ceilings.

    I ran across a Clark, C20B on the local CL. looks to be the perfect machine for moving stuff between the two shops. It is a 2000lb capacity, supposedly from the 80's, LPG, manual trans, no leaks (cant really believe that one) and ready to go.

    can anyone give me any pointers on what/where to look to check this thing out? anyone have a manual for it? I'm guessing that something this small I can move with my heavy duty car trailer?

    thanx Rubes

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    There are forklifts designed for unloading box cars that will go under a standard garage door.

    2000Lbs is pitiful. A bridgeport is heavier than that.


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      Having just gotten used to our small forklift at work, I'd have to agree- 2000 lbs capacity is pretty lame. For a 5000 lb lift, they are still pretty compact. Friend has a small electric one, smaller than a smart car, with more lift than that. Smaller than a smart car, but a lot heavier I'm sure.
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        2000 pounds capacity for a forklift is indeed small, but keep in mind most residential blacktopped driveways are not designed to have anything heavier that a car/truck on them.

        I have seen quite a few lifts damage driveways, parking lots...etc, I once saw a 5500 lb lift with a pallet of lumber on it sink and get stuck on a blacktop driveway. Unless your driveway is built up like a road or loading dock area, with road base and such under the black top, I would be very careful about what size lift you drive on it.


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          As already stated, a pretty light duty lift, that will probably weigh in at least 4000 lbs, and sink into your blacktop and get stuck, especially on hot days, seeing as how it has solid rubber tires. Parts are available, but not of the highest quality, brakes are a PITA. I'd say pass unless you really, really like abuse. Look for a 4000 lb. cap. Cat, Hyster, Nissan, or Toyota, and preferably with pneumatic tires.


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            Whatever you get, be aware that forklifts, expecially those with solid tires, have a very small footprint and high weight. As others mentioned, that can damage your driveway and can also break trailer floors even if the total weight is within the trailer's capacity.
            Don Young