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    Ah ok, yes there seems to be quite a few like that on ebay.

    What about ones with the integrated screen, something like this

    Anyone have any experience with anything similar? If all it was used for was retrieving lost bolts etc I'm sure pretty much anything would do, but I wonder about the quality in instances where actually inspecting the operation of something was the goal?


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      Originally posted by vpt
      I have always wanted a bore scope but they are so pricey. I saw the other day HF has some on sale for like $50ish. I am sure the camera head is bigger then most and the video quality isn't perfect but if I knew the camera head would fit down a spark plug hole I think I might have gotten it. It was a self contained unit with a 3" screen and all.

      It will NOT fit inside a spark plug hole, already checked it out! The video quality is surprisingly good but the size of the darn thing just limits it too much.