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Looking for a special Knurl..need some help

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  • Looking for a special Knurl..need some help

    Looking for a special knurl, hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. 56 LPI, with a SQUARE pattern not the normal diamond.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Mike Hunter

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    Did not find any supplier for you but did find this, it may be of some help to you if your search comes up a blank.

    " A good trick is to use a straight knurl and then use a sharp threading tool to cut grooves at regular intervals across the knurled surface, this gives an unusual and pleasing square pattern. don't do it the other way around because the knurling will squeeze metal into the machined grooves which doesn't look so good. "


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      There was an outfit at this year's Cabin Fever that had litterally undreds of old knurls, from common diamond to nice rope, to some of the prettiest decorative patterns I've ever seen. Lace, paisleys, anything you could imagine repeated on a little metal ring.

      I looked at them quite a bit, but their prices were steep and I couldn't narrow myself down to just one or two knurls so I wound up walking away empty handed.

      Maybe someone else can remember their name or got a business card from them??? I certailnly wouldn't mind seeing if they have a web site!


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        I WISH I had seen them!!! I'm a total knurl pig!!!


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          If you can pay the price, Accutrak can make most any knurl you would want.
          North Central Arkansas


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            Thanks for all the feedback

            I'll try Accutrak, it's a customer's project, it all depends on how bad he wants it.

            Robbie... if you happen across the site or number I would be interested also,


            Mike Hunter



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              They must be commonly available. I have several tools with knurled hand grips like that.

              I'm assuming by "square" you mean circular grooves with longitudinal grooves.


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                I think you are describing a knurl similar to what Gary Hart made on some small taps. Try this link to the homemade shop tools thread.

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