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  • Nick's new toy!

    Nick who used to be here but now isn't posted this video on YouTube. He built the 4th axis for his CNC mill himself.(I think)

    Looks pretty nice to me. Of course I don't really know what I am looking at!!!
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    Originally posted by Black Forest
    Of course I don't really know what I am looking at!!!
    too bad, Nick is a guy who really knows his stuff.

    what you're looking at is cutting a cam via facets. you can't rotate the part moving just the Z axis as end mills are not flat on the bottom. Doing it this this way requires you to round off the high spots after with a smooth file...something that takes about 10 seconds as the file neatly removes the high spots.

    I did one manually once this way and it worked very well. Worked out the math for the curve (the eccentric one is the only non straight forward part) and created an excel file with each Z height for each degree of you know you to make a cam with just a dividing head
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      Wow, very nice Nick!

      For those who haven't clicked on the video, the title is:
      "Milling a cam shaft (with EMC2)"
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