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Anyone here from Windsor build this?

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  • Anyone here from Windsor build this?

    that's a link to a Kijiji ad from Windsor Ont; various grinders and belt sander ideas have shown up here from time to time and this one, IMO, has some serious engineering behind it

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    somebody looking for me?

    I dont know how this got this far from just putting an add to sell my Belt sander to being a subject in a thread but i am curious !

    Jim U.
    Windsor Ont.
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      Wow that really is an awsome machine.

      Jim U: I suspect hes looking for you because well, Thats just an awsome custom built belt sander.

      If you are the one who built it, Maybe you should stick around and check out this forum. We would be honored to have another fine craftsman join our ranks.
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        was just building a machine that i would need because i wanted to make some custom knives for fun/hobby
        designed it using Autocad 2004 all in solid 3-D
        but i had more fun over the past 9 years building it than wanting to make the knives.Windsor's economy went to Hell in my trade, having a family i didnt have the money to go farther into making knives since i wasnt going to do it for $.
        now thru my kijijji add i see people are interested in the design. since i wasnt in any hurry over the 9 years,some of the pieces i redigned and remachined over and over again as i saw what would be a better way since this was for me.if i would be making these Beltsanders to sell i would be redeigning it way different.i went way way over kill on ever piece.probably could drive over it with an Abrams tank it there wouldnt be much damage


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          Hi, Jim


          um, not really looking for you (though who knows, below) but spend too much time checking around for good deals. I need to get to southern Ontario due to very limited choice here in Manitoba.

          I am not very good at many things BUT for some reason I seemed blessed with an ability to "spot"...high quality, well engineered, potentially high level athletes (the "C" in my tag is "coach"), cost saving measures etc. etc. The pics struck me as similar quality to some of the best posted here. You may find

          My thought was you maybe surprised if you offered up those CAD drawings for a few bucks who may respond. Sometimes on this site, and others builders, do make drawings available (that labour of love thing), nothing says you should not ask a bit for the time and efforts involved.

          +1 on spending some time on this board, your skill set is clearly way higher than mine and you probably have lots to contribute.


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            this is all so new to me.i dont really sell things via the internet.and when i was asked if i would sell the Cad drawings by another party whom read your first post ...i was unsure on how to do it and even how much to ask for.
            was also thinking it was really meant as a one of a kind to never be built this way again. i spent way to many hours machining and designing it.
            just doesnt seem practical for anyone else.


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              Not sure practical necessarily has anything to do with it ...see numerous threads about builds that end up costing way more than something could be bought for...

              AND before you say "No", check out some of the features and costs of items from places like




              each of those mfg make products that in some instances do not have all the features and adaptability yours does

              AND consider the link in the recent Harbor Freight bender thread where that individual now, to some degree, has a side business supplying upgrades to a fairly cheap tool [that thread is about 3 years long and goes along in the improve engineering and then providing said pieces (primarily better quality and size range of rollers)]