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  • Walking tractor-barrow-tiller-plow-log splitter

    Harley gas tank turned out to be a "bad joke on me"... was full of rust, the carburetor is now full of junk, it will run about ten seconds then shut off.. meaning the needle valve or jets is full of rusty bits.

    Plan is to use a direct couple via lovejoy to hydraulic pump mounted off substantial plate on engine (motor came off 3" water pump) Using the tiller as is, no wheel pulling it jerks me near off my feet.. throws dirt higher than my kneecaps. Forward rotation tines (good thing too). I mounted all that with a 2x2 trailer hitch reciever under engine, a long 2x2 holds tiller, strut rods down from handlebars.. OLD belt off lawnmower stretched about two inches in 20 minutes use.. so it has to be re-engineered.

    Barrow? (other thread here) wheels must be close coupled to driving tractor wheels with tub in front so it can dump.

    Plow, I inherited a horse drawn single turning plow, can mount to 2x2 and will go slightly behind driving wheels. I have already had it fabbed up.

    Log splitter-winch drive-post hole driver is extra hyd motor I have I will put onto the quick connects I have rat-holed from all the industrial press'es I built in the last few years.

    NEED:.. the northern hydraulic flow controller 2040-2106 page 526... to slow drive wheels down to crawl, or haul-ass speed range.. right now the walking tractor is near useless, the 7hp tiller jerks me around like a child. I put the adjustable prong on it, but it just drags a trench and me behind it.

    This was a walking tractor akin to what they used in the small coal mines to drag carts of coal out. When I got it, it was sitting on it's nose, the cart long gone.. I suppose, the cart's axle set up in a manner to apply weight to the drive wheels?? anyone got a picture of "before" cofer mods of one in a mine??

    Excitement? well.. I set fire to my pants and burned off a few inches with the plasma cutter-table.. burning on the edge instead of into the tank.

    Deer-carcass hauler off a old 4wd.. modded onto a hitch on the John Deere M.. That front grille is so valuable I might build a push bar to protect it.. My garden spots are too small to use this tractor.. it is the perfect mobile power source thou..
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    Looks like your pig is about ready for market.


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      Yeah, when you neuter them, they puff up.. (rascal gets in every picture taken here)

      He's full of possum. A possum killing critter. They make a crunching styrofoam peanut sound for just a second, then don't move anymore.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Put some nuts and bolts in the tank, Shake vigeriously, And pour out all the junk.. then put a proper inline filter on the fuel line.
        (may require another rinse in gas to get all the crud out)
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          Fashion history takes place right before our eyes; first came straight cut jeans.......then boot cut jeans....and now.....(thanks to David's bold and brilliant fashion statement)....plasma cut jeans!

          Add a spindle twist finish, long sleeve shirt and you'll be stylin'!

          I could only think of burning holes in mine with hot slag .


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            Originally posted by Black_Moons
            Put some nuts and bolts in the tank, Shake vigeriously, And pour out all the junk.. then put a proper inline filter on the fuel line.
            (may require another rinse in gas to get all the crud out)
            You want to be careful if you do that, I tried it once and ended up with many small bumps on the outside. It was a tank from a moped, so a Sportster tank might be a bit more substantial.


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              Scrounging parts.

              I got the carb cleaned out, all apart, the float orifice was obstructed. Filling the fuel line with a "squirt oil can" full of gasoline and the engine runs fine, bouncing on the governor.
              (for you younger guys, the squirt can full of gas.. is a excellent way to test to see if a engine will run if you add gasoline.. even the newer EFI cars, take the intake line off and squirt some in, if it runs, it is missing the gas..)...

              Found a old glass sediment bowl, but hunting that pesky missing 1/8" nipple to attach it, and a reducing bushing for the gas tank.. I had to tig weld a 1/4" coupling on the bottom where the harley petcock would be.. the threads were fu-barred. I'll try the rust-buster spray, insert nuts and shake like hell routine.. done it before.. Tank came off a bike that went endo endo.. handlebar knocked that dent on top when it bent around.. (wall hanging junk) I think I was saving it to use as a pattern in my metalshaping journey.

              "A" type 1/2" wide belt on the tiller may not be enough.. it stretched like crazy..

              ON the humorous side? already had one neighbor call me and ask where the Harley tiller came from??? And if it is for sale..?? Wife says to paint it blue and leave the tank alone.. I want to paint it to match the JD..
              Excuse me, I farted.