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  • The little tool gloat the grew

    so hot and heavy negotiations are underway for a around 50 milling cutters and a bunch 40 taper tool holders. A price, one making me very happy is agree to, when discussions turn toward 'why don't you just take it all'. crappy thumbnail pics are exchanged and based on what a see a hot deal is arrived the comment from the vendor that there's a few more items he didn't have time to photograph. hehe, more than a few. This is my third best tool gloat ever

    Stuff I knew i was getting......

    couple of Burnerd 3 jaws and a Bison 2 jaw

    ER collet chuck, 40 taper

    little Bison 4 jaw and 4 jaw scroll mounted on what looks like a vise base....a milling fixture i suppose. Vise base (if thats what it is ) is nice with a vernier on it...small 4 jaw is TOS

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    more 40 taper tooling

    first collet closer, D1 4 lever, there's half a doze more collets...these are big and all made in Germany....not sure the Collet type

    The second collet chuck, German, and huge, biggest collet takes up to 2.375"! Di5 mount. my two lathes are d13 and d16 so will need to do backplates if i keep them

    anyone recognize the make? haven't found anything other than 'Germany" thes collets are a little bigger than collet close 1 above and are held by a cap whereas 1 above a pulled in by threads.

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      So here's the bonus round.....all this stuff was the extra's never presented as part of the deal until they're being loaded up. Lifes goood!

      keyway cutters, drills

      shell reamers and holders...not sure about this one, most seem engraved with odd ball sizes, oh well it was bonus round stuff

      need a chuck wrench?

      misc stuff

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        some sort of tapping head collets, hmmm.

        chuck jaws & cam lock pins....once I know they're not for the chucks i bought, what to do with the extras? scrap them? I mean it would hard to identify what jaw they are for...ideas?

        A lot of dies, all quality

        4" face mill and a keyless of japanese orgin, brand in a characters

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          A german tapping head, MPI iirc



          and more reamers

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            5c collets

            more 5c

            almost a complete set by 1/32's, a lot of 64ths, as well as a dozen metric, sq by 16th's and few hexes

            Now this was a treat to find thrown in - a Rubometric die head in nice shape!

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              complete with a nice selection of dies

              misc milling cutters

              Prior tool makers 35x microscope - yippy!

              Starret and slocumb mics up to 12", plus a gem indicator

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                41 #2 Herbert collets - these are big!

                set of gauge blocks, unfortnately cheapos,....already have imperial & metric quality ones, I'll keep the good ones for inspection and use these for working or sell them

                Lastly, there's this nice little x/y table. to much gunk to see a brand yet but it might well be a nice one

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                  That's really too much. Rather piggy I would say. I think you should share half with the first couple of responders.

                  Congrats. Great score.
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                    *sniff* that... that's beautiful.
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                      Wow, To get that kind off haul around here you would need a gun and mask!
                      VERY NICE!


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                        I've changed my mind.

                        That's not piggy, it's downright obscene.

                        Why is my skin turning green? It couldn't be envy.
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                          Call that a gloat ?

                          I didn't see any quick change tool holders

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                            Wow nice haul! no idea what id do with most of that stuff.. sure hope you have a horzontal mill
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                              Awesome Michael! Oh look, I'm the 15th poster....what'd I win?

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