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DoubleCAD, anyone know anything about it?

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  • DoubleCAD, anyone know anything about it?

    After using progeCAD smart for several years with Windows XP I now find out that progeCAD smart is not compatible with Windows 7, so I went looking for another CAD system to use. I came across DoubleCAD XT, which is a free, no restrictions, system which is compatible with Google SketchUp but haven't been able to find many reviews or info, other than that given by the producers of the system. So my question is; has anyone heard of it, used it or dealt with DoubleCAD and if so how are they to deal with?


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    Tried it at one stage but found it extremely slow.

    If you are looking for a free program have a look at Solid Works free 2D offering called Draft Sight

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      I'm using ProgCAD Smart 2009 with 64-bit W7. It's "compatible enough." It took a bit of tweaking something which I've now forgotten, but it does run. I haven't been able to get it to automatically open a .DWG file by clicking on a filename -- it tries, then complains about it -- but as long as you open ProgCAD first, then use it to open the file, everything is okay.

      If I cared enough the auto-open problem might be fixable too, but I haven't bothered to look at it. (To head off erroneous speculation: the .DWG filetype is properly assigned to the program; that isn't what is wrong.)
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        I tried it out, used strictly as an AutoCad LT clone. It worked OK, I saw no real issues though I did not use it extensively. Not bad for a freebie.

        When I switched to Win7, the first win7 version of doublecad I tried acted up (hung or something, I don't recall exactly) I uninstalled it and have not had need to try again.

        If they got that sorted out, it seemed ok to me, as a 2d drawing package.


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          This has had a few mentions on CNCZone



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            draft sight

            regarding the program John mentioned Draft Sight by Solidworks I am pretty sure it has some 3D functionality but I have not had time to play with it (the 3d part) yet, the 2D is real good for free.


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              Gumper, most Win7 program incompatibilities are due to the path Win7 installs the programs into.
              Many older programs throw a fit when they encounter () in the path, such as (x86) which Win7 defaults to for any non 64 bit program.

              Try installing your cad package into C:\cad and see if your problems go away.


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                To all who replied to my question.......
                I didn't want to go this route but I think in this situation that it will be better understood why I did what I did. I am 70 and the computer knowledge game is not one that I play very well, so rather than try to do some things that I don't understand I took the easy route and downloaded Solidworks' Draft Sight software and am on my way. I think the learning curve between progeCAD and Draft Sight is very small and after playing with Draft Sight for a bit it doesn't look like I will have any problems at all.

                I appreciate all of the responses, thank you.



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                  re draft sight they have fairly good support in a web forum and there are free tutorial videos you can just Google for them. The one thing you don't want to do is ask me questions, I am as dumb as it gets on this stuff