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  • Pipe fitting

    I'm looking for a brass pipe fitting with 1/4" NPT external thread with the other end that can be soldered to a 1/2" copper pipe.

    Does such an adapter exist? I went to Home Depot hoping to find this but they have very few 1/4" NPT parts.

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    I found a copper fitting that does that (5520K507) at McMaster. That doesn't do you much good if McMaster won't ship to Canada.
    But, they do exist in copper.


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      Try a well equipped automotive/truck/industrial supply outlet, they usually have a large selection of brass Weatherhead brand fittings. I would be very surprised if they weren't able to supply the correct fitting. Worst case scenario would be one adapter between the 1/4 npt and the copper.
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        Easy.... pipe (solder) to 1/2 npt male or female, then an adapter to 1/4. Any decent plumbling supplier will have the parts. Even Home Depot has that around here, but there are much better places.


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          Pertty sure I have seen those.. Tryed the local plumbing supply house?

          Alternatively, im sure you could find some 1/2" copper to 3/8" NPT then a 3/8" to 1/4" NPT adapator.
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            ACE Hardware

            ACE Hardware usually carries a wide variety of brass and copper pipe fittings.