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Anybody here get the Burke mill in Denver CL

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  • Anybody here get the Burke mill in Denver CL

    There was a Burke Millrite mill on Denver Craigslist that the guy said he would take offers above scrap price. I didn't get involved but am curious if anyone here did. It looked to be in good condition but there wasn't any close-up pics.

    I hope someone got a great deal.

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    What kind of Burke - horizontal or Millrite vertical?


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      It was a vertical. Story was that a scrap-buyer had this in a semi-trailer load of stuff. Wanted to move it that day. I'm sure he had a lot of interested parties and it probably ended up in a bidding war.


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        I bet. Couple years ago a guy local to me posted on the Burke Yahoo group something like " bought this house and there is a big machine that says Burke Millrite MVN. I need to get rid of it. Would any of you want it?"

        So of course I emailed the guy about 5 seconds later, and probably others did too.
        Never happened, although there was a later message that said he still had it.