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  • Dumore Tool Post Grinder Help

    I purchased a Dumore tool post grinder last year and haven't set it up yet. I was purchasing some tooling and the owner sold it to me for cheap so I had a hard time passing it up. I have a South Bend 10k and the grinder is a little bit tall for it. If I'm not grinding too much off each pass could it be used on this lathe but not in centerline of the spindle? I assume that best practice is for centerline but I want to see if others have deviated from this.

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    It will grind in any position because the tangent between two circles is always the same. The only problem will be that if it's not on center the amount of infeed shown on the dial will not be the exact amount taken off the workpiece. You could work out the trigonometry for any position from center if the exact number is important enough.
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