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17.5 tons of tool gloat

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  • 17.5 tons of tool gloat

    I am the one that never seems to score any great deals. I always end up buying my equipment at full pop. Finally after years of fending for myself I scored a deal. My work place bought a new 50 ton air over hydraulic shop press so they needed to get rid of their old one. They knew I did metal work as a hobby so they said I could have it as long as I didn't turn around and sell it. No problem!

    It's a 17.5 twin power OTC hydraulic shop press in good working order. It's a 2" ram that appears to extend fully. No leaks, works great. Only issue is that the pressure gauge is shot, no big deal. I'm happy.


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    Awsome rig, Whats 'twin power' mean?
    Whats the little handle on the top of the cylinder for?

    Does the other larger handle feed all the way through and let it act as a screw press? (or for quickly moving the end up/down)

    How on earth did someone bend the gauge.. forward? And somehow manage to get it stuck behind the 0 stop?
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      Great looking press gord, and also thanks for your,e most interesting build site. Nice work!!


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        Nice press,I like OTC's frame design,they allow long shafts to be slipped through the uprights for straightening-easier and safer.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Originally posted by Black_Moons
          Awsome rig, Whats 'twin power' mean?
          Twin Power is Owatonna's way of constructing a through hole cylinder. They put two smaller cylinders side by side with enough space between them to allow for a hole that will pass a pulling bolt. The rams are tied together at the top.



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            Nice score and a good lookin' press.


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              My father has the same cylinder/pump setup in his press, bought it new many years ago and placed it in the frame of an old screw press. Worked wonders for us on the farm.


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                Congrats OTC makes some great products........we have a few of their 1.5 ton engine cranes at work and I'm not sure if the 2T asian ones could lift them.......guy always needs a good press for things.
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                  That's certainly a heck of a deal!

                  One little tidbit of advice.....get or make another set of pins for the bed. I bought a used Dake press frame at a bargain price. Someone at some point used it with only one set of pins. I am told by the guy I bought it from that the guy before him had used it to split firewood .

                  By bearing all force on one set of holes they get stretched out. With low amounts of force, it's probably well within design parameters, but you won't know until you have egg shaped one of the sets of holes, so the best bet is to always use them. Once the holes are oblong, you have insured that the next use will only bear on one set of holes. I have some welding (and die grinder) work in order to make them round again before I put the thing together in final form, because of this.

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                    This is the setup that dad purchased when he initially bought his. Didn't use the ram ut of his frame often, but it sure was nice to have when we needed it.



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                      nice score........


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                        This is the setup that dad purchased when he initially bought his. Didn't use the ram ut of his frame often, but it sure was nice to have when we needed it.