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Making the Dickson tool with the horizontal mill

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    I made a batch of about 15 T2 size holders several years ago. I don't recall taking any pics and can't remember the exact details. Probably didn't have a digital camera at that time. Did them on my Elliott Omnimil, which was a similar machine to the OPs but with a turret head as well as the horizontal. Actually did it all with endmills/facemills apart from the T slot. Didn't have many horizontal cutters at that time, hadn't had the mill for long. Mounted a section of bar ~15" long on a big tilting table for the angled faces, from what I remember did them all with one setup. No narrow slots in mine, not all holders have them as the Vees on the post are truncated. Did three or four 15" lengths.
    Cut the bars to toolholder length in a chop saw, made them to a couple of different lengths.
    Did the slots for the tools in one pass with a big slot drill mounted in the horizontal spindle, with the toolholder mounted on the toolpost which was bolted to the lathe bed, with extra stops to make sure it didn't twist.
    All done in mild steel, must be over 10 years ago now, never any problem with them.
    Great thing about making your own is being able to do 'specials' without feeling you're messing up something which has cost a lot of money. I have a couple for Coventry die boxes, and some which I drilled for boring bars rather than the usual vee groove, also being mild steel it's straightforward welding extra bits onto them.

    Edit - the most tedious part, as I remember, was drilling & tapping for all the clamping screws!

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      Just for general information, the V-grooves center to center distance isn't critical. At work we have a tool holder system for the lathe that has 75 mm center to center V-grooves and some of the holders are from a different set, having 76 mm center to center V-grooves. Still works as supposed to and indexes just as good as any other ones too

      The secret is as said, that it doesn't matter in positioning if the V-grooves only touch from the inner or from the outer faces in positioning.

      Edit: Mcgyver, what sort of RPM or feed rate were you using when making that V-groove? The chip just seems to small or was it a finishing pass?
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        So! This type of holder is called "Dickson". I have been using the ones
        on our Clausing Metosa lathes at school for about 12 years an never
        saw a name for the type. The ones on the lathes have a metal tag
        with the name of the company (I assume) on it, some Spanish name
        that starts out Mechan......
        I've made a few out of aluminum, at first just to see if I could and it
        worked fine for our light duty so am going to make a few more.
        Used a Bridgeport vert. mill and a V cutter to do the grooves, that
        way the ctr to ctr distance was just the "domain" of the Anilam. :-)
        From what someone said there must be a range of sizes of these.
        Where is a link to see such? Thanks.


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          Originally posted by Lew Hartswick
          So! This type of holder is called "Dickson".


          From what someone said there must be a range of sizes of these.
          Where is a link to see such? Thanks.
          Try this:-



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            Originally posted by Mcgyver
            I'd mentioned in the QCTP thread i was making some, been taking pics, thought you guys would get a kick....there's nothing super complex about them, just fun seeing the mill plough through big hunks of steel

            even after the gloats, lots of stuff i don't have....bought these goose necks from the store and man are they ever nice! the low profile makes this possible that otherwise would be very tricky to set up
            Yeah, even after your gloats, you have to remind us in every posting!

            not much of a shopper are you, when you have to go out and actually buy something!


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              what sort of RPM or feed rate were you using when making that V-groove? The chip just seems to small or was it a finishing pass?
              They are small. it was a light cut but being only partially supported on the V blocks, I went very slowly being concerned about vibration through the long unsupported stretch. Feed .7 ipm, rpm 55.

              In general i go full DOC and adjust feed and rpm so there's a decent chip at a removal rate the machine can handle. at 5hp on a older machine you can make it hop across the floor. I just set it up for maximum removal rate without it shaking to pieces. The V's were a little different as it wasn't the most solid set up.

              I double that for the secondary bevels (not yet shown) and it was fine...perhaps i was being too cautious....bu I'm just not much concerned about milling time. its all power feed and I'm doing something else while long cuts are going on. .7 ipm but I'm still going like a one armed paper hanger the whole time I'm in the shop
              in Toronto Ontario - where are you?